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Version: 2.0.23
Last Update: 2022-01-16


8x8 Web Dialer is a Chrome extension developed by 8x8team. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of 8x8 Web Dialer is 2.0.23, updated on 2022-01-16.
20,000+ users have installed this extension. 38 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 2.76.

Call any phone number straight from where you are on a web page.

Go from browsing the web to making a call in one easy click with the 8x8 Web Dialer. You’ll save valuable seconds on each call and eliminate misdials.

Once you install the Chrome extension, it automatically highlights most phone numbers in your web browser as a blue link. Click a phone number and the call is placed through the 8x8 Work for Desktop app. It’s a great way to save time every day:

* Call almost any phone number in your web browser with one click.
* Save seconds per call and improve your calling accuracy.
* Big spreadsheet of numbers to call? Save it as an HTML file or load it into Google Sheets and use the 'Publish to the web' feature, then open it in your browser to create a clickable dialing directory.
* On web pages that don't support direct number clicking, simply highlight and right-click on phone numbers to call them. This feature also supports 8x8 Contact Center.

If you use the web frequently for research or sales prospecting, this browser extension from 8x8 can save you and your employees hours per year.


* Windows 8 and newer, MacOS 10.13 and newer
* 8x8 Work for Desktop application https://www.8x8.com/products/apps
* Chrome browser



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avatar John Rose

Works great. Set my extension to only pick up on one webpage I do my work through and now I can click phone numbers to dial through the 8x8 Windows program.

avatar Justin

Doesn't highlight anything and after clicking a number in Chrome, I always get a popup that says "Make Call From" and I have to select 8x8 again...

avatar Meerab Islam

The extension will make me stop phone calling from classic hangouts. I like the extension too.

avatar Bill Clayton

working perfectly until it updated / now doesnt work at all / tried calling twice into customer support, both times they just hung up

avatar Stephen Hock

Great App for group meetings with excellent video and audio functions. Great for correspondence during these times of isolation and China Virus issues.