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Version: 0.12
Last Update: 2022-02-17


Auto Translate for YouTube™ captions is a Chrome extension developed by hendrik.donvil. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Auto Translate for YouTube™ captions is 0.12, updated on 2022-02-17.
20,000+ users have installed this extension. 141 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 4.00.

This extension will activate the auto-translate feature of YouTube™ automatically, even if it's not available in the menu.

This extension activates the auto-translate feature of Youtube™ with the chosen language automatically each time the captions function is activated. This save you a few clicks, but most importantly this allows you to use auto-translate even when it's not available in the menu, as is the case with some video's for some reason.

v0.12: Full manifest V3 migration
v0.11: Fixed issues with manifest V3 migration
v0.10: Added English variants
v0.09: Added Kurdish
v0.08: Sort list of languages + added Turkmen
v0.07: Unused permission removed from manifest



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avatar Torch light

Так удобней

avatar Elder_OD OD

it simply dosen't work, in the description it said that it would be able to give automatic captions even when captions or auto captions are not available but when i went to a video with now captions whatsoever and turned on the extenstion it still didn't work. No matter what i did it still wouldn't show any captions, i refreshed it, closed and went back to it with the extanstion turned on but again, it still won't work. Please fix this massive issue with your extanstion thank you.

avatar Doğukan Sahil

ıts working

avatar Kevin Dean

New issue just started today. Youtube may have changed something. It works as expected when a foreign caption is available, but if the video already has English it previously would show that English caption normally. Now for videos with English captions, it shows all of the captions on at the same time at the beginning of the video, filling the entire video window and going off screen, so none of the captions are appearing at their timings throughout the video. If I use "Toggle Youtube Subtitle translation on/off" and set to off, the captions appear normal again.

avatar Jeremy Belolo

Works perfectly, thanks