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Version: 11.4.5
Last Update: 2023-03-29


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avatar Kaucher Hamid

Very Bad no not suite on my windows 11

avatar QT

Horrible, used to be good

avatar H

If there is a problem in the site, this plugin may not work, so try reloading the site from the login and not the link with the token that may have expired and the site may also be messed up showing invalid things for that token.
OLD: It does not work. I do not understand... I create a config, everything auto configured looks correct: the regex to match the field ID and the value to fill, but when I click to fill the field nothing happens!! no matter how I try to run it, nothing never happens :(. Also there is no single warning or error line at the inspect console. And after I try to autofill and it fails, it says nothing about why it failed. Any help?

avatar Barsha Poudel

How to use extensions for dynamics web

avatar h sh

excellent. very thanks

avatar Ali javanshir

I want to use Autofill on the form below, but after too much waiting for generating rules, it does not responding and I have to quit the page. can anyone help me please?

avatar gavin timlin

this did not work for me, I did what it said to do, but it did not work.

does anybody know how to fix this?

avatar Brandon Pence

This extension used to work flawlessly. It's now confusing and complicated and no longer works. Why did you mess it up?!

avatar Chris A

No Longer Works

avatar Ngọc BĐS

Phiên bản hiện tại đang rất là lỗi, ko tự động nhập như trước kia. Làm việc cực kì khó chịu so với bản 10.3.0

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