Bandwidth Hero - Live Image Compression Bandwidth Hero - Live Image Compression

Version: 2.1.4
Last Update: 2019-08-24


Bandwidth Hero - Live Image Compression is a Chrome extension developed by Anatoliy Yastreb. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Bandwidth Hero - Live Image Compression is 2.1.4, updated on 2019-08-24.
2,000+ users have installed this extension. 90 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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Saves data by compressing images on the page.

Bandwidth Hero saves data by compressing all images on the page via data compression service which reduces image size by about 50%-75%.
Compression service downloads original image, converts it to WebP image and returns it to the browser.
Unlike Google's Data Saver, Bandwidth Hero works for both secure and unsecure URLs.

It is very useful when you use limited data, such as 3G or LTE.

After installing this extension you need to setup data compression service to run on Heroku or your own Node.js server.

The extension is open-sourced, you can check the code on GitHub -


By installing and using this extension with public data compression service ( you agree with our Terms and Conditions of Service (


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avatar Anshuman Panda

I got it working in Kiwi Browser for Android (thanks to the instructions posted here by other users) ) but strangely it just doesn't work in Chrome. Any idea what could be the issue? Do I need to use a different Heroku account?

avatar iFranco

it does not work

avatar N G

it's not working anymore!

avatar Bree Vwhyman

This extension works well for me by following the instructions and creating a HEKO machine instance for free.
The extension does NOT seem to like it's "disable on this site" option when you try to
stop it working on a particular web seems to cause the whole extension to
start screwing up....

but other than that, it saves a lot of needless data going through your DSL line which is a great thing......i think it's saved me about 6 gigabytes already.......

i was on a 30 gig per month data limit but got a free upgrade to UNLIMITED ......but i still use this extension anyhow incase the 30 gig per month limit returns on my DSL line

avatar Seasons

Still works, and works like an absolute charm. Turned a 2.5MB image (2 minutes to load) into a 40KB image (loaded in 0.9 seconds). For someone with horribly slow internet, this is actually a godsend.

Heroku setup was done in about 3 minutes, the 8 hour "sleep period" Heroku requires is.. well, humans go to sleep for 8 hours a day too right? Just let it sleep then.

My favorite manga reader app, TachiyomiSY, even has support for Bandwidth Hero. Easily turns me waiting 10 minutes just to load a single chapter into NOTHING.

This still works. If you have less than 30MB/s internet speed, absolutely use this!