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Version: 2.4.1
Last Update: 2021-12-27


BrowseBetter New Tab: Productivity Redefined is a Chrome extension developed by According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of BrowseBetter New Tab: Productivity Redefined is 2.4.1, updated on 2021-12-27.
1,000+ users have installed this extension. 36 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 4.81.
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A Beautiful New Tab Chrome Extension with Powerful Personal Productivity Tools to help you build & maintain focus.

Experience browsing like never before!

BrowseBetter New Tab is world's 1st personal productivity super tool with built-in tools & utilities specifically designed to boost productivity & foster momentum at a place where you need it the most, your chrome browser.
It's an Advanced New Tab Chrome Extension that transforms your chrome new tab page, homepage & start page into a powerful personal productivity dashboard.

BrowseBetter was designed with just one goal in mind:
Providing the best possible browsing experience to the users using powerful tools of productivity, packed with an outstanding design & tons of personalization options.

Why BrowseBetter?
1. It packs a highly convenient layout with a ton of options to customize & personalize.
2. It packs powerful time management tools to maximize your productivity while working on the internet.
3. It holds an amazing UI for the best possible browsing experience.
4. It comes with built-in productivity planner tools useful for task management & daily goal planning.

All Features:

- Immersive Fullscreen mode for a clutter-free experience

- Amazing LifeMap utility to create a life vision & strategize long-term life goals

- Exhaustive Resource Center with collections listing the world's best online resources including blogs, websites, tools, utilities, portals & platforms

- Overuse reminder utility that notifies the users about their time spent on a website in-case the limit is exceeded

- Time tracker & habit tracker tool to track, analyze & optimize your time efficiency & productivity numbers

- Highly customizable design along with infinite personalization options

- Beautiful Chrome Backgrounds, Wallpapers & Gradients

- Eisenhower matrix for sorting urgent & important tasks

- Focus-mode for getting stuff done on time

- Advanced To-Do list & Notepads
(accessible on any website using keyboard shortcuts)

- Thought of the day & quotes for daily inspiration

- Blue light Filter & Night Mode for eye safety

- Better bookmarks manager utility

- Pomodoro & Countdown Timer

- Save/Restore session utility

& many more features...

Permissions needed:

- READ/WRITE access to all websites:
Required for time tracker utility, smart full-screen mode, speed dial & sidebar.

- BOOKMARKS access:
Required for advanced bookmarks manager utility.

- HISTORY access:
Required for the auto-cleanup utility.

Required for over-use reminder, task reminder & timer utility.

- BrowseBetter is an offline extension. All data is stored on the browser.
- We DO NOT show ads. BrowseBetter is 100% ad-free :)

Read more about the privacy policy here:

For queries, email us at [email protected]

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A Ninja Tool For Productivity Hacking!



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avatar Amit

I rarely write reviews but I had to for this extension. It clean, organized and productivity powerhouse homepage. Loving it.. Glad that it is not cluttered too much like other extension

avatar Anurag Kashyap

This extension is very handy to level up my productivity level while the google keeps doesn't connect which is absurd for me as it is first go to thing and there would be option to change to background image atleast an option to keep background image! But still it rocks

avatar Mahira Vahora

This extension is really helpful and there are so many ways of making it custom to you. It is easy to use and, no ads!

avatar Robert Segher


avatar Awais Iqbal

I can't believe this extension doesn't have million's of download like other new tab extensions.I hope developer doesn't abandon the project due to too few downloads.I hope this extension gets popular.