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Version: 2.2.6
Last Update: 2019-08-04


Cluster - Window & Tab Manager is a Chrome extension developed by ops. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Cluster - Window & Tab Manager is 2.2.6, updated on 2019-08-04.
60,000+ users have installed this extension. 680 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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Window and Tab manager for managing multiple open tabs and windows with simplicity.

Cluster is a window and tab manager extension for Chrome that helps you manage multiple open tabs and windows while using minimal system resources. Cluster also comes with the tools for quick navigation to open windows and tabs, and a tab project manager to easily save and restore windows and tabs sessions as working projects.

Restored windows launches each tab in a suspended state to minimize the load time when opening lots of tabs at once.

Features include undo removed tab or window, sorting windows tabs for better overview, showing the real tab URL when using the Great Suspender, launch the manager using keyboard shortcut, option to save or restore sessions from the manager or drop-down menu, search and filter for tabs by title or URL, easily move tabs between windows, suspend all windows tabs, and more.

Cluster is built to be fast, simple and uses minimal system resources to not get in its own way. A great tool for taking control of your browser sessions, keep things organized and free up memory.

Sync your saved windows across multiple machines, requires a one time fee license that helps support Cluster development and cost associated with third party services.

Open Window Manager Shortcut defaults (Configurable in Settings):
PC: Ctrl + M
Mac: CMD + M


● Overview of Browser Windows
● Tab Drag and drop
● Suspend Window Tabs
● Undo Tab or Window removal
● One click Goto-tab Navigation
● Search/Filter Window Tabs
● Multiple columns wide screen support
● Save Tabs to New Window
● Save Tabs to Previously Saved Window
● Saved Windows open Suspended Tabs
● Export active windows to csv/json
● Import/Export saved windows to csv/json
● Displays Real URL for Suspended Tabs
● Move Multiple Tabs between Windows
● Move Tabs to New Window
● Select and Close Multiple Tabs
● Sort Tabs in Open Windows
● Keyboard navigation support
● Sort Tabs by Domain
● Manage Tabs in each Domain
● Cloud Backup Saved Tabs
● Dark Theme
● Tab Audio Indicator
● Mute/Unmute Tab playing sound

▬▬▬▬▬ Privacy Policy ▬▬▬▬▬

Cluster doesn't share information with any third party services and no data about the user is stored in any way or form without the users permission. All permissions required for Cluster are only for running the features provided as they are stated.

▬▬▬▬▬ Developer Corner ▬▬▬▬▬

If you find this product useful, or have suggestion of features you would like to see, please leave a review or drop me an email. Thanks.


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avatar Junzeng Deng

It's that I want

avatar Scott L

I am a tab hoarder, ADHD person and an extreme browser. I use anywhere from 50, to 4000 tabs. It's a curse and this plugin makes it easier to close tabs I KNOW I should've closed.

The search at the top is powerful, the ability to close only the search results is wonderful, it's fairly fast.

I use this in conjunction with several other tab management tools but this thing really helps me clean out hundreds of tabs I could've closed, without accidentally closing hundreds of ones, I did genuinely mean to get back to.

I can't recommend it enough, infact I clicked the about link to find a spot to donate, thank you for 'getting it right'

I love this app but I can not emphasize just how much I detest the "close window" button (per "current window) in the active Windows tabs.
I've lost countless WINDOWS of hundreds of tabs, because of this button, far too close to another X, without an "are you sure" - it's the only flaw with this software.

I've emailed them, I'll paypal $20 to disable it, it's bad bad bad design.

avatar Carlo Magno

I am impressed
I have used several different plugins and extensions and this really is cool. It is free, it works fast and amazing. I am in love. Please improve it so we can have it synched

avatar samuele gg

• Va migliorato il tema scuro, il colore della selezione delle caselle è poco visibile;
• manca il contatore delle schede (corrente e tutte) sull'icona, eventualmente con switch nelle impostazioni;
• manca un pulsante per selezionare tutte le schede di tutte le finestre;
• manca un pulsante per aprire tutte le schede di tutte le finestre in una nuova finestra.

• aggiungere un pulsante di blocco (lucchetto) per ogni finestra per farla rimanere in primo piano (come per gli stick-it);
• aggiungere un'opzione per far rimanere in primo piano la scheda di ogni finestra (pin tab);
• aggiungere un pulsante nella web page per individuare/cercare i duplicati e selezionarli automaticamente (feature estetica) da affiancare a quello della rimozione (feature azione);
• aggiungere un pulsante per aggiornare le schede di ogni finestra;
• aggiungere un pulsante per aggiornare le schede di tutte le finestre;
• aggiungere un pulsante per visualizzare la finestra corrente;
• rinominare il nome della finestra (assegnare un nome);
• aggiungere un pulsante su ogni finestra per permettere di riportorla in cima alla lista nella web page o abilitare il drag and drop dell'ordine delle finestre;
• aggiungere un'icona da assegnare alle finestre per contrassegnarle come importante;
• cambiare il colore della barra di ogni finestra nella web page.

• The dark theme must be improved, the color of the selection of the boxes is not very visible;
• the tab counter (current and all) is missing on the icon, possibly with a switch in the settings;
• a button is missing to select all the tabs of all the windows;
• a button is missing to open all tabs of all windows in a new window.

• add a lock button (padlock) for each window to make it stay in the foreground (as for stick-it);
• add an option to make the tab of each window stay on top (pin tab);
• add a button on the web page to identify / search for duplicates and automatically select them (aesthetic feature) to be placed next to the removal button (action feature);
• add a button to update the tabs of each window;
• add a button to update the tabs of all windows;
• add a button to display the current window;
• rename the window name (assign a name);
• add a button on each window to allow it to be brought back to the top of the list on the web page or to enable drag and drop of the window order;
• add an icon to be assigned to windows to mark them as important;
• change the color of the bar of each window on the web page.

avatar ehsan jamshidy

great app however night theme is bad not useable change color
and if there was a grouping system for suspended tabs it would b much better and if possible to comeback to the group lator it would b awusome