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Version: 1.13.2
Last Update: 2022-02-11


Emoji Magic is a Chrome extension developed by Simple Guy. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Emoji Magic is 1.13.2, updated on 2022-02-11.
1,000+ users have installed this extension. 7 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 4.29.
developer website: www.simple.gy

Find Emoji Easily. Safe and secure: only asks for clipboard permissions.

Emoji Magic makes it easy to find emoji and copy them to your clipboard.

1. Click the extension icon: `🔮`
2. Type in what you want, like "cat"
3. Hit "enter" or click on the exact emoji you want

Demo: https://www.simple.gy/emoji-magic/

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+O (or customize with "chrome://extensions/shortcuts")

1. 🔧 Actual unicode chars -- no images, native emoji rendering
2. 📘 Rich Text Matching -- Uses a thesaurus to support broad keyword matching.
3. 🔗 Multi-word queries -- try "sad cat", or "blue heart"
4. 🧠 Remembers locally -- Saves the last emoji you picked so you can pick them again easily
5. 🔒 Strong security -- Doesn't ask for dangerous Chrome permissions, just clipboard access

This app doesn't require permissions to "read and change data on all the sites you visit". Instead, it only asks for clipboard access.


### 2022-01-20 (v1.13.0): New Emoji

Updated the database with great new emoji like "ice cube" and "sloth".

- 242 new emoji! (Was `1570`, now `1812`)
- Unicode version supported: `v13.0`

One note: these new v12 and v13 emoji are not supported yet by all systems. As a result, you might start seeing little "[]" boxes. This means your platform does not yet support this particular emoji. (for example: MacOS Mojave doesn't support the cool 🧊 "ice" emoji from the `v12.0` set put out by unicode. But, MacOS Catalina does. All you can do is wait to use those.)

### 1.0.11: Big improvement to filtering logic

You should now see much broader results with better sorting (try: "red car", "blue diamond"). It now accounts for both keyword and thesaurus matches, but ranks the results: keywords are a better match than thesaurus terms, and the more the search term overlaps, the stronger the match is.



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avatar Guillaume Duhan

Amazing. Useful. Fast. And copied !

avatar W0LF

Where is cockroach ?? Where's pinching hand ?? And why almost every store extension doesnt support them?

What I like is you can start typing your search as soon as you click on the extension; unlike the rest

What I'd like is extension shortcuts and right-click integration

avatar Absolutely Audrey

I LOVE IT! way better then other emoji things because this one works!

avatar Jessica Klimek

This extension was so easy to use. Would highly recommend, awesome search feature

avatar Heyy__Yume

Não gostei, ele só mostra 4 Emojis, aí você tem que pesquisar (EM INGLÊS) Os Emojis que queres..