Everhour — Time Tracking, Budgets, Expenses Everhour — Time Tracking, Budgets, Expenses

Version: 1.6.175
Last Update: 2023-04-24


Everhour — Time Tracking, Budgets, Expenses is a Chrome extension developed by Everhour. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Everhour — Time Tracking, Budgets, Expenses is 1.6.175, updated on 2023-04-24.
70,000+ users have installed this extension. 70 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
developer website: everhour.com

Accurate employee time tracking software for reporting, invoicing and payroll.

Everhour integrates with a number of project management tools by means of a browser extension, that lets you easily start a timer or log time manually.

We embed time tracking controls inside their interface as if they are native functionality. So, no more tab switching.

Everhour is not only a browser add-on.

Sign in to Everhour from the web browser for access to more features like projects budgeting, resources planning, expenses tracking, detailed reports and client invoices.


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avatar Jessica Martin

2022 Everhour is significantly improved from previous versions! The extension has been almost seamless in our operations.

We've used Everhour with ClickUp to track time and prepare client invoices. We appreciate the different billing options (variable rates, types of billing, ability to show budget summary in ClickUp. The support team is responsive and very helpful! The reporting feature is robust, especially with recent updates. Being able to start/stop timers from inside tasks in ClickUp is so helpful and the extension icon is clear when it is running (or not) to remind me to track/stop time.

Everhour does (currently) lack historical information (say if a budget changes weekly or a bill rate changes and we wanted to pull a historical report) but after evaluating quite a few options, this seems to be somewhat standard for the field.

avatar Jake Kushner

Would be good but chrome keeps disabling this extension every day and giving me an error saying "This extension has become corrupt." and telling me to reinstall it. :(

avatar Sasha Andric

I use this addon for a few years and it does what is supposed to do - lets me click to track time for a tasks synced with Asana. Two things I would like to see are dark theme and searching for a task should search in task, project and section name and not only task name.

avatar Harry Hart

Great plugin, but has been extremely buggy as of late. Myself and other staff have had to repeatedly delete and re-install the plugin due to issues such as the following:

1. Time estimates disappearing
2. Causing asana to run extremely slow
3. Automatically closes when you are trying to add time or an estimate to a task
4. Unable to assign time to subtasks without going into the subtask to initiate

This has sooooo much potential but please work on the bugs.

avatar Isabel Fernández

La extensión de Chrome debería de dar las mismas posibilidades que hay en la web o en la integración de algunas herramientas como Asana por ejemplo, poder editar un timing que has asignado a la task equivocada o cambiarlo de día, buscar una task por proyecto o por tag, etc.