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Version: 1.10.8
Last Update: 2023-02-02


Fanatical Assistant is a Chrome extension developed by Fanatical. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Fanatical Assistant is 1.10.8, updated on 2023-02-02.
30,000+ users have installed this extension. 65 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Automatically get better prices on Steam games, and receive coupon codes that are exclusive to you!

Automatically get better prices on Steam games, and receive coupon codes that are exclusive to you!

This easy-to-use extension automatically notifies you when a game you are viewing is cheaper at Fanatical. Best of all, it offers you exclusive promo codes so that you can grow your Steam library without burning a hole in your wallet.

Here are just some of the many benefits from installing Fanatical Assistant:

- Save time and money searching for the best deals on Steam games - receive an instant notification right in your browser when Fanatical has the best price
- Exclusive coupon codes for you. How nice are we?!
- Sync and add your Steam Wishlist over to Fanatical so that you never miss a great deal again
- Never miss a deal. Get the best Steam game and bundle deals delivered direct straight to your browser every day.
- Also available on Firefox (don’t tell Google)

By using this extension, you agree to Fanatical’s Terms & Conditions. Need anything else or want to learn more about us? Visit the Fanatical Help Centre.


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avatar aSteR Shady

You know for what.

avatar Swooz777

Installs Adware, do not install!

avatar Anthony Nichols

Notifications are intrusive and there is no (easy) way to manage them. It's like intentionally subjecting yourself to advertisements. Their store is decent - and sometimes there are deals on there that are not found elsewhere, so that's worth checking out - they need to figure out how to sync your wish list without an extension... and a way to sync your library. Anyway, avoid this unless you like get spammed by pop-ups all the time.

avatar david crandall

It's Fanatical's assistant. Not YOUR assistant. I was kind of hoping it would do something for me, and in exchange, I was willing to put up with a little bit of "here's this on fanatical!" Mainly, justify its existence as a plugin on every page I go to beyond just being a 'fanatical button' I can click on at a moment's notice as if I need any more grease to buy more games. Maybe tell me some sales history of the page I'm looking at on Steam. Maybe tell me that I own this game before I buy it on epic. SOMETHING. Instead it's just a search page for fanatical and I already go there pretty often if I've gotten as far as installing the plugin.

avatar Bruce Meyer

This extension has saved me some money when I have been looking at games to purchase on other sites, although it doesn't always beat the deal listed.
I have not seen any special offers come through the app that are not already on the site so I am not sure about that.
The only issue that I have experienced with syncing to my Steam wish list is that it does not update automatically. There have been times in the past when I would purchase (or get free) a game that is on my wish list from a different site (be it Steam or another) that I would get email notifications the very same game is on sale. The only way to update it is to go through the whole sync process every time.