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Version: 1.0.1
Last Update: 2020-11-01


FlickZee - Find What to Watch Now is a Chrome extension developed by flickzee.com. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of FlickZee - Find What to Watch Now is 1.0.1, updated on 2020-11-01.
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developer website: flickzee.com

Find Where to Watch a Movie or TV Show you are browsing, Find Whom to Watch it with & decide by ratings from IMDb, RT, MetaCritic.

Decide What Movie or TV Show to watch and Where to Watch Online with FlickZee Chrome Extension.

FlickZee is a Search & Discovery Platform to find what Movie or TV Show to Watch online. We help you do that by aggregating all the Meta Information about Movies and TV Shows at A SINGLE CLICK

- Where to Watch - Where is a movie available to stream online on the stream of your choice
- Aggregated Rating - Ratings from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic.
- Whom to Watch With - Number of folks who watched the movie with their Parents/Kids, Partner, Friends of Self
- Meta Tags of the Movie - These tell what is good about the movie
- Plot - A short plot which tells the story without revealing the suspense or climax of the movie.

But why so many information for something as casual like a movie ?

The beautifully complicated thing about Movies & Series, like any other Art form is that There is No One Size Fits All Solution.

Viewers like different movies at different times
===When you are sitting with family, you would want to watch something clean, without abuse, nudity or profanity
===If you are watching while eating something, you want to watch something which can be resumed later on as well
===For some of us, Weekends are generally for movies and weekdays for TV Shows
===Some of you trust IMDb for user rating, some like the Quantized Expert Rating from Rotten Tomatoes and quite a few also trust Metacritic for its expert filtered averaged rating.
===Some of us like gory, action, thrillers and some like rom coms, some like war movies, and few of us like sex comedies.
===Or let’s say you want to watch joker, you go to netflix, search for joker, don’t find it, then go to HBO, search for joker, not there either, then go to youtube, search for joker but there is a blurry CAMRip available there, and then you go to Amazon Prime Video and finally find it there, and by this time, you fee like THE Joker:D

So how you use this extension?

There are 3 ways you can use the extension
1 - Open any movie or tv series page on any streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, Vudu, Hotstar, Zee5 - Checkout the Ratings & Whom to Watch With Information before deciding to watch a movie.

2 - Open page on the Internet with information about ANY MOVIE, like a movie page on IMDb, RT, Metacritic, search for a movie on Google or open the movie page of the streaming website of your choice and then click on the extension icon, you can see Where to Watch it, Ratings & Other Information

3 - Open the extension and type the movie in the search box, it will give a list of movies or tv shows as per your search and you can click on the movie of your choice to see all the meta information.

All this information is available to you, FOR FREE.

Do I need to sign up to use this service ?
The basic information is available without any signup but to give any vote or see your streaming service at the top and get movie recommendations you can Login.

Why YOU will love our extension -

-> One-click and you get comprehensive information about the movie you want to watch
-> Get details like where to watch, aggregated movie ratings from imdb, meta critic and rotten tomatoes, whom to watch it with
-> Works on most of the popular websites so just open a movie page and click on the extension to see all details
-> The search bar makes everything Soo Easyyyy as you just have to type the movie on the search bar and hit enter to know more about it
-> It’s a big time saver and decision enabler for you!! Who else will bestow you with so much love and info on whether you have the right movie in mind or not?!!!

All this information is absolutely FREE


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avatar Pragya Khera

Wow, what a relief this extension is! I used this extension to check if one of the latest Netflix launch was a good movie to watch with family or not and I could also see the ratings and read a pretty concise write-up about the movie. It's my go-to extension now, I just type in the movie or series I want to watch on this extension and I am easily able to see what this movie is about and where can i watch it. Don't have to go to 10 other websites to read about the movie, check its reviews and find out where to watch it etc. Everything is at one place! Good work, guys!!!

avatar Anuj Ladia

Wow, simply resolved a wobbling mental issue of life.

What to watch and where to watch. No more 10 mins extra to find where can I find this movie to watch.

avatar Varun Goyal

Loved it!
I wasn't expecting this extension automatically captures the movie details and displays all the information they have.
For me, The "where to watch it" section with rent/buy caption is very very useful.

Thanks for the awesome extension.
Keep Growing! All the best :)

avatar Pushkar

Great Extension for movie lovers

avatar Divyanshu Shukla

This extension is such a relief. Now I don't have to go check the imdb or rotten tomatoes ratings when i am watching a movie on netflix, it is just there when i am seeing it.
Also, i can easily know when a movie is worth watching with family and when it is not. Way to go, would be great if there was a mutual wishlist kind of a thing, where we can combine 2 people's watchlist to find what they can watch together.