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Version: 5.2.0
Last Update: 2022-04-15


GMass: Powerful mail merge for Gmail is a Chrome extension developed by GMass, Inc.. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of GMass: Powerful mail merge for Gmail is 5.2.0, updated on 2022-04-15.
300,000+ users have installed this extension. 6833 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 4.79.
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A powerful mass email and mail merge system for Gmail.

Simple and powerful email marketing inside Gmail.

*Send email marketing campaigns to thousands of email addresses.

*Send cold email to prospects and follow up automatically.

*Mail merge with data from Google Sheets.

*Personalize mass emails based on name, email address, and any available columns in Google Sheets.

*Schedule mass emails to be sent later.

*Track opens and clicks.

*Send follow-up emails to people that opened, clicked, or replied to a previous campaign, or to those that did NOT open, click, or reply.

*Create instant recipient lists based on search results.

*Send unlimited emails from your Gmail account by connecting your GMass account to an external SMTP service like Sendgrid.

*And the killer feature - emails can be sent as replies to the last conversation you had with each recipient.

We're always improving GMass. Stay updated with GMass on the web and social media.


The website at has screenshots and explanations of all features.

How does GMass compare to other Gmail extensions?

Mixmax: cool extension, but you have to use its external web portal to send campaigns. With GMass, the magic happens inside Gmail, using just the red GMass button.

Yesware: similar to Mixmax, you can't send campaigns inside Gmail. You have to use their web interface.

Plus, both Mixmax and Yesware are more expensive than GMass.

Mailtrack: Lets you track individual emails, but with GMass, you can eliminate Mailtrack because GMass can track both individual emails and campaign emails. Use the GMass button on both one-on-one emails and campaigns.

Copper: Good CRM system, but not meant for sending email campaigns.

Lastly, GMass works seamlessly with Grammarly, to ensure your campaigns contain perfect prose and are error free.




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avatar Enduro MTB Podkarpacie

I am glad to find G-Mass. Its easy to use, convinient, and its good for a small project that I work on. I reccomend it, for lots of reasons. E-mails go to the people and they actually get them, so good for me :) I really reccomend it!

avatar Hollie Herd

I could not rate a platform more highly. Easy to use and simple with additional feature there ready when you need them. I love how it sits inside gmail.

avatar Daniel Knowles

Very helpful for a DC, it reaches my community and audience in just one click. Awesome!

avatar Michael M.

If you are looking to send simple emails and you can set it up without needing support, it might work. If you think that you might need followups and/or support, my personal experience was very poor. And, I have been using other platforms for years.

avatar Erick Linares

Ease of Use, Ease of Setup, Inexpensive, Features that I really need. That's how I would describe using GMASS. I do light email campaigns, and GMASS is perfect for what I need. Was debating on going all out on a CRM. And one day I may need to. But for now, I really enjoy using GMASS as my email campaign software. It took me 10 minutes to set everything up the way I wanted my campaign to work Definitely felt like I got more than what I paid for, and that says a lot!