Highlight This: finds and marks words Highlight This: finds and marks words

Version: 5.3.4
Last Update: 2022-10-16


Highlight This: finds and marks words is a Chrome extension developed by Wim Deboel. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Highlight This: finds and marks words is 5.3.4, updated on 2022-10-16.
100,000+ users have installed this extension. 317 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
developer website: deboel.eu

Automatically finds and highlights words and phrases on the web page according to your list

- No registration required
- Organize your search words in groups and lists
- Use Regular Expressions (Regex tokens)
- All data stored locally
- Auto-refreshes highlights on page reload and content changes
- Unlimited words and lists
- Synchronise lists between your browsers
- Free

Easy to use Chrome Extension that automatically searches for defined words in the current browser tab and marks them in a text. Many more advanced features available through settings:
- Create color-coded keyword lists
- Disable highlighting on certain sites
- Export or import your settings and keyword lists
- Define click action
- Use lists from Pastebin, Google Sheets

Privacy Statement: https://highlightthis.net/Privacy.html

** New in 5.2
- Define click actions for highlighted words
- Support for loading words from Google Sheets
- Define download frequency for remote lists
- Fixed: Negative reverse lookup regex
- Fixed: Issue with Highlight overview
- Fixed: Issue with download button

** New in 5.1
- Support for case sensitive matching
- Manage words from context menu

** New in 5.0
- New editor to manage your words (filter, select, delete, move)
- Support for Regex tokens

** New in 4.9.1
- Change the storage of an existing list to sync or local
- Updated screen layout for future enhancements

** New in 4.9
- Synchronise lists between your browsers when logged in to Chrome
- Updated translations in FR, NL, ES
- Fixed: downloading backup in Vivaldi browsers

** New in 4.8
- Activate notifications on a list of words to be notified when the word is found on the page
- Fixed: counter of words found

** New in 4.7.4
- New highlighting engine
- Reduced permissions required to run

** New in 4.5
- Select the performance of the hihglighter and the impact on your computer

** New in 4.4.12
- Highlighting happens now also in iframe without src tags

** Fixed in 4.4.10
- Changed the way the highlighter detects a load of a page and a change in the page to provide a more stable highlighting

** Fixed in 4.4.8
- Fixed: an issue whereby the "Show words found" was not displaying on pages which had iframes
- Fixed: a stability issue whereby words were not displayed in the page

** New in 4.4.1
- Faster highlighting: the extension doesn't wait anymore until the page is fully loaded
- Fixed: an issue whereby the "never highlight" setting was not be saved after clearing it
- Fixed: an issue with the found words overview

** New in 4.4
- Support for non basic character sets
- Optional support for highlighting in content editable containers (eg in gmail)
- Fixed: Performance issues
- Fixed: Duplicate names for groups
- Fixed: Issues with highlighting some words / wordparts

** Fixed in 4.3.1
- Fixed an issue whereby the longest match was not highlighted

** New in 4.3
- Fixed: Export is fixed
- Added Russian translation, thanks to Pereshchepino

** Fixed in 4.2
- Fixed: an issue with Pastebin synced lists

** New in 4.1
Allows using a pastebin list, you can share the list and it will synchronize automatically.
- Fixed: an issue with highlighting on Google results page

** New in 4.0
- Shows highlights within frames
- Option to print highlights
- Re-highlights when adding/removing words
- Fixed : Navigating between words is fixed

** New in 4.0
- Shows highlights within frames
- Option to print highlights
- Re-highlights when adding/removing words
- Fixed : Navigating between words is fixed

** New in 3.4
- Words keep their sequence
- Find words and word lists
- Context menu shows order of wordlist on date modified

** Fixed in 3.3.5
- Fixed an issue with incorrect colouring

** New in 3.3
- Set wildcards (?,*) in words
- Backup and restore your words
- Define foreground color
- Define sites on which the highlight should occur

** Fixed in 3.3
- Highlighting of text including special characters

** Define words **
Easily specify words and phrases you want to be highlighted.

** Highlighting **
Highlights the words and phrases on the page
Shows how many words have been highlighted

** Works on Ajax pages **
The extension detects changes to the page and re-highlights the words.


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avatar Pat MySecret

Save function is sporadic (particularly for checkmarking items).
It doesn't seem to be able to highlight abbreviations like U.S.
Adding words is confusing.. just add a word after a space and then bump it to the next line with enter.
I'm afraid that I will have to keep looking.

avatar Garett Lay

It does what it says. Doesn't seem to be the best looking, and some of the instructions for things like the actions are not as understandable for someone who only knows the basics of browsing the web. I installed this to see if there was a specific feature, but sadly there is not and will be removing it. It seems like it has been a while since there was any updates, but if you are still supporting this, it could be a useful feature to add an "Action" to show a specific note that you have typed up when you click on the highlighted text. With that feature alone, I know there are 30+ of us that would install this immediately. Again, it does what you have intended it to do, and might be exactly what others need, just not me.

avatar Justin Shinn

Works great!

avatar Sam Song

Great add-on.
But I think URL blacklist is not working globally (blacklist per list is working)

avatar Carlos Le-Fort

Excellent application. Exactly what I was looking for.