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Version: 1.1.2
Last Update: 2022-10-10


LeetHub is a Chrome extension developed by Qasim Wani. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of LeetHub is 1.1.2, updated on 2022-10-10.
30,000+ users have installed this extension. 82 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Automatically integrate your Leetcode & GeeksforGeeks submissions to GitHub

What is LeetHub?
A chrome extension that automatically pushes your code to GitHub when you pass all tests on a Leetcode problem. LeetHub has been used over 30 million times by over 30K developers worldwide (accurate as of Oct. 2022)!

Why LeetHub?
1. Recruiters *want* to see your contributions to the Open Source community, be it through side projects, solving algorithms/data-structures, or contributing to existing OS projects.
As of now, GitHub is developers' #1 portfolio. LeetHub just makes it much easier (autonomous) to keep track of progress and contributions on the largest network of engineering community, GitHub.
2. There's no easy way of accessing your leetcode problems in one place!
Moreover, pushing code manually to GitHub from Leetcode is very time consuming. So, why not just automate it entirely without spending a SINGLE additional second on it?

How does LeetHub work?
After installing the extension and launching LeetHub, it's as simple as:
1. Click on "authorize with GitHub" button to automatically set up your account with LeetHub.
2. Setup an existing/new repository with LeetHub (private by default) by clicking "Get Started" button.
3. And that's it 🎉 ...begin Leetcoding! To view your progress, simply click on the LeetHub icon!

BONUS: Star LeetHub on GitHub for further development of features @ https://github.com/QasimWani/LeetHub

Why did I build LeetHub?
The coding interview is arguably the most important part of your interview process, given you get the interview first. As someone who's received multiple internship offers from Fortune 100 companies, getting the interview in the first place is not easy!
And that's what LeetHub is supposed to do: indirectly improving your coding skills while improving your portfolio to ACE that FAANG interview!

Let's see you ACE that coding interview!


** Oct. 10 **
- gfg UI update fix
- Adding title number padding.

** Jan. 3 **
Adding "Basic" and "School" difficulty for geekforkgeeks. Enhancing Leetcode explore cards UX.

** Dec. 31 **
Adding geeksforgeeks integration. Constant polling to no longer require reloading leetcode for automatic submissions. Progress bar. For more updates, see: https://github.com/QasimWani/LeetHub/pull/172

** Feb. 25 **
Improved code submission performance for faster sync commits.

** Feb. 9 **
Bug fix: Switched to LocalStorage for unlimited storage.

** Jan. 26 **
Bug fix: Can now commit infinite number of lines.

** Dec. 17 **
Bug fix: Update on previous submissions syncs with git

** Dec. 10 **
Adding performance stats on commit.
Bug fix - "unknown-problem"
Bug fix - counter update
Improved performance for faster browsing and reduced commit times!
** Dec. 3 **
Adding problem difficulty features.
PC bug fix after recommits.

** Dec. 2 **
Unlink & link again github hooks.
Minor bug fixes with problem counters.
Enhanced the LeetHub experience so you don't have to worry about your commits!

** Nov. 30 **
Adding folders to your leetcode problems with readme files for each problem.


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avatar Abhigyan Kishor

Bro, been looking for something like this! works like a charm :)

avatar Amulya Abhinandan

The solution was not uploading in the repo, only a folder was created with question in it, but the solution wasn't there.

avatar Viraj Parkhe

Great extension ! However there are some questions like https://leetcode.com/problems/capital-gainloss/ which ask us to write a SQL query. It seems that the extension is not able to push answers to such questions to github.

avatar 郑明辉

not support https://leetcode.cn/

avatar Itachi_of_ the_leaf

Awesome Extension But I have a request, till now I have solved more than 400 problems but I just added leethub to my chrome.
So, I wanted a new feature that will automatically add all those previously solved leetcode problems.