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Last Update: 2022-05-01


Multi Search & Multi Jump is a Chrome extension developed by pub. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Multi Search & Multi Jump is, updated on 2022-05-01.
10,000+ users have installed this extension. 36 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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You can jump to the search result for each search word.

Search inside the page and highlight it.

Since the search field does not disappear even if you click on the page, it can be searched continuously.

[About search]
In multi-word search, search words are separated by single-byte spaces.

Pressing the Enter key in the search field jumps to all search results.

When you press the F1 - F12 key, it jumps only to the search term of the number that was pressed.

[About display of search field]
Click the icon or display it with [Ctrl + Shift + F].

* If you display with the character selected, it automatically sets it as the search word.

Use the ESC key to hide the search field (finish a search).

You can make the screen easier to read by using Ctrl + Alt + <- or ->.


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avatar Beck

good job! thank you

avatar Jorge Carreño

Excelente herramienta para buscar textos o palabras en documentos con muchas paginas, fácil de usar y muy practico, ha solucionado con creces lo que andaba buscando.

avatar Pie Dev

Not able to search a multi-word string in quotes it seems.
If I had "Virgin Islands" entered it would show a results for "island" if that was on the page even though Virgin Islands was not. Also if I actually included the quotes then no results would display.
Please create a option for searching words with spaces in them by wrapping the text via quotes or something similar.

avatar bmq freeman

Easy & Fast !
Can iframe be supported?
Thanks !

avatar David Medina

This is an amazing extension I used to use twinword finder but it no longer works. Thank you Pub.