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Version: 3.1.3
Last Update: 2022-05-17


Multimedia Search is a Chrome extension developed by Multimedia Search. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Multimedia Search is 3.1.3, updated on 2022-05-17.
50,000+ users have installed this extension. 5 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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An efficient tool that supports the search of over 20 file types.

This is a Chrome extension for the Chrome browser that aims to provide users with a professional, advanced, customized, and efficient file search experience.

Click on the extension’s browser icon to open the action window. From there, you can select a file type and perform an efficient and on-target search for what you need. You can also access the functionality from your browser’s address bar. The extension provides a quick link inside the autocomplete suggestions for your easy access. Simply type the name plus a dot followed by the file type extension (such as cat .png) in the address bar, and the quick link will be activated.

Who is our target user?

People in hi-tech, office employees that live and breathe with productivity tools, and savvy creators and editors. Locate the right type and perform your on-target online hunting.

What are the types that we support?

Ranging from work productivity (such as .xlsx and .pptx) to graphic designers’ favorite (such as .svg) and to web developers’ daily choices (such as .xml, .html, and .py), we are here to support as many types as you may need. Shoot us an email on our website if you need us to add more types in the next version update!

Check out the full list on our website:

Permissions used and reasons:

1. Access to “contextMenus”. We require this permission to add items to the drop-down menu of this extension’s browser icon in order to provide a better service and help you understand the extension.
2. Access to “webNavigation”. We require this permission in order to use our private domain (powered by Yahoo) as a placeholder to turn on the file search function from your address bar. In this extension, we also support Google and Bing. If you want to change your search engine, you can go to the Settings of your extension and make the change.
3.Access to "storage". We require this permission to save your settings within the extension.

How to remove this extension?

If you want to remove our extension, go to “Settings” on Chrome, and find our extension in the “Extensions” tab. Click “remove”. Alternatively, you can right-click on the extension’s icon on your browser and select “Uninstall” from the drop-down menu.

Chrome™ is a trademark of Google LLC. The use of them does not imply any affiliation to or endorsement by Google LLC.

By adding this extension to your Chrome browser, you accept and agree to our Privacy Policy and End-User License Agreement.

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avatar Jessica Kilthau

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! In the first place I have no clue how this app even got on my computer. All of a sudden randomly my internet searches were being directed to yahoo. It has taken me hours to track down the culprit. Extremely irritated by the inconvenience it kept causing me. This is an app I would never by choice add to my computer. So I highly would not recommend. I truly do not even understand its purpose besides to annoy or possibly scam. No Thank You!

avatar rAnDoM nAmE

Brings me to yahoo when I search for something and yahoo doesn't even bring me to what I have searched for, if your planning to install I suggest you don't.

avatar Darcy Harwell

Won't let me do my usual search style (eg: I tried to search about school breaks in other countries, it saw that I had just typed 'sch', but didn't register that I had chosen a search option from the autocomplete and sent me to not only a completely different search engine from the one I was just using, but gave me a completely different list from what I needed). Not worth cluttering up your extensions with.

avatar Boy Pika

The extension defaults to yahoo, and it does not even work on yahoo or bing, it does work on google but I find no use in the file types it can search.

avatar malliky davis

its nothing different to be honest its like it not there so that why i have it at 5 stars if it changes and makes it worse then ill put it down so there is nothing different right now