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PhantomBuster is a Chrome extension developed by PhantomBuster. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of PhantomBuster is, updated on 2023-04-24.
100,000+ users have installed this extension. 27 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

This extension will allow you to easily retrieve your session cookies each time you use PhantomBuster.

Use PhantomBuster seamlessly by installing our Chrome browser extension. This extension will allow you to easily retrieve your session cookies each time you use PhantomBuster.

Here is what you can achieve by using PhantomBuster:

- Manage your lead generation campaigns in one place.
- Collect additional lead information and create a link between platforms.
- Collect lead data from the web and connect with your leads on engagement platforms.

How does this extension work?

This extension will automatically retrieve the session cookies of the websites you are connected to. Once you log into your PhantomBuster account, click on “Connect to [website name] to fill out the session cookies input field.

If you click “Shift” on the “Connect to [website name]” button, it will directly open a new tab to that website, even if you are already logged in, without logging you out. This allows you to get the cookies from multiple accounts simultaneously.

If you have any questions about this extension, feel free to send us an email to our support team at [email protected] or directly via our live chat.

- 1.1.7 update:
- Remove the Shift+Click on the button to open a new session

- 1.1.6 update:
- Fix pop-up feedback

- 1.1.5 update:
- Updated extension assets

- 1.1.4 update:
- Extension's button redirects to the dashboard

- 1.1.3 update:
- Added support for TikTok

- 1.1.2 update:
- Small text changes

- 1.1.1 update:
- Small css fix
- Shift+Click on the button opens a new session

- 1.1.0 update:
- Added support for Quora and Pinterest
- New UI
- Better Zaps (Zapier) configuration page support

- 1.0.10 update:
- This version makes the extension working on the brand new PhantomBuster UI

- 1.0.9 update:
- This extension release handles correctly new PhantomBuster APIs configurations.
Affected PhantomBuster APIs: Session Cookie Tester
The session cookie button is now updated when you change the network select choice.
1.0.8 can only handle the very first choice of the select.

- 1.0.8 update:
- Support added for Zaps (Zapier) configuration page.

- 1.0.7 update:
- Added support for GitHub, Intercom and Uber APIs.


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avatar Fred Wilmer

I just downloaded this extension ....and all I can say is WOW , I run a marketing agency and my mind is blown if I think about the ways I'm going to implement this,I just pray there's no catch to it !
This is probably the best software I ever came accross in my life

avatar Fernando Laguna

Just insane, a little hard to understand.
But this app is so good that worth the time.

Thanks, Love it!

avatar abid mohammed


avatar Thomas Tirtiaux

Super produit, attention même quand on demande de stopper le paiement, le prélèvement continue

avatar Jonathan Chaignon

In love with this... Keep up the good work