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Version: 4.2.3
Last Update: 2023-03-07


Phone and Email Finder by Nymeria is a Chrome extension developed by According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Phone and Email Finder by Nymeria is 4.2.3, updated on 2023-03-07.
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Easily find a person's email address, phone number and social links with one click.

With Nymeria's phone and email finder you can find prospective leads' contact information, organize leads within folders and share folders with your teammates.

Nymeria also features a built-in people search, bulk enrichment, email verifier and more.

✓ Save countless hours by locating email addresses and phone numbers for prospects on popular professional networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Github.

✓ Source leads and contact information using our custom people search database featuring over 811 million unique people from all over the world.

✓ Bulk enrich spreadsheets with phone numbers, email addresses and social links in seconds.

✓ Works alongside other popular phone and email address finders.

Nymeria is a great phone and email finder for all types of professionals. It makes things just easier for many people:

- Recruiters and sourcers can save time and reach hard-to-contact candidates.
- Sales teams can do better prospecting and market analysis.
- Marketers can find and connect with anyone.
- Developers can leverage Nymeria's API to power their own applications.

Before using our browser extension be sure to read and agree our Privacy Policy

Nymeria strives to keep its extension permissions to the bare minimum and optional when feasible. Here's an overview of our browser extension permissions:

1."activeTab" - is used by our extension whenever you click the extension badge icon to to perform an email and phone lookup for the current tab URL.
2."https://**" - optional, if enabled whenever a supported LinkedIn profile is loaded the extension will automatically perform an email and phone lookup. A blue check-mark is displayed if contact details are found.
3."https://**" - optional, same as above but for Twitter profiles.
4."https://**" - optional, same as above but for Facebook profiles.
5."https://**" - optional, same as above but for Github profiles.

Join Nymeria right now for a free plan and get five credits every month!

We hope you enjoy our extension and platform. We would like to encourage you to express your thoughts and let us know about any issues via the website contact page or via [email protected].

Hope to see you onboard!


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avatar Jahidul Islam

Useless and wasting lots of time :(

avatar BD Quick Specialist Team

I sent them requests many times but they did not respond to me.

avatar Donato Diorio

Login but no way to sign up

avatar Andrew Aldrich

Solid option for discovering contact info.

avatar Muhammad Shahzad

V Nice tool