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Version: 1.1.49
Last Update: 2021-07-25


Privacy Redirect is a Chrome extension developed by Simon Brazell. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Privacy Redirect is 1.1.49, updated on 2021-07-25.
9,000+ users have installed this extension. 29 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 4.07.

Redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more to privacy friendly alternatives.

★ More Info: ℹ️
• Nitter -
• Invidious -
• Bibliogram -
• OpenStreetMap -

Allows for setting custom instances, toggling all redirects on/off and more.

The code for this web extension is available on Github -

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If you like this extension and are financially able please consider buying me a coffee to show your appreciation and support the continuation of the project.

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★ What's New in This Version (v1.1.49): 🆕
• Add Wikiless support.
• Italian translation fix.
• Redirect Norwegian Google Translate.
• Instance changes.
• See commit history for full list of changes -
• A big thank you to everyone who submitted PRs!

★ Permissions: ℹ️
• Please note, access to all website navigation events (all URLs), not just the target domains, is required to allow embedded video redirects to occur. At this time I know of no other way to achieve iframe redirects, happy to hear some suggestions on this though 🙂



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avatar Existential Navigator


Sorry - this extension MIGHT have worked well, close to an update ( which has now not occurred in over 8 months ), but it seems to fall apart rapidly.

Why? Because services like Invidious and Nitter work off volunteer hosted instances, which appear and are added to the server pool, go down temporarily, or disappear entirely. This is why both services maintain instances lists, so you can see what servers are available, and how well they're working, in real time. That list is fluid.

From the behavior of this extension, I'm guessing that the author captured an instance list at some point in the past, and the extension now randomly forwards you to one of those off a hard-coded list. Problem is, that list is out of date, and now - more often than not - the extension is trying to forward you to a no-longer-running server instance for Invidious or Nitter.

If I keep hammering on the link, I'll EVENTUALLY randomly get forwarded to a server that still exists - but it's a royal PITA, since I'm guesstimating that 50% of the forward attempts are aimed at defunct servers.

The basic idea is a good one - but the implementation is flawed, at best.

Perhaps if the extension had been built to pull the list of healthy active instances periodically, and store it locally, it would work reasonably well - but right now, its list of servers is pretty broken, and the author's comment in the reviews WRT to redirections to dead instances is "can't be helped!".

This is 80% of an extension, which the author slapped a donate button on top of. If you hunt around for the GitHub repo it hasn't been updated in forever, and there are an impressive number of unresolved issues including "Is this project still maintained?". It looks like the developer has abandoned the project to the point where they're not even managing pull requests, much less working on the code themselves, ( although their Donate $$$ To Me links are all pristine, of course ).


avatar Vuk Milicevic

5 out of 5, because...

The best there is, and yet to be better. Thank you.

avatar Sophie

Wonderful extension! It's simple to use and it helps me to use other links and embeds versus the default YouTube player! 10/10 highly recommend for anyone who wants a more custom experience.

avatar Andre

Unfortunately doesn't work anymore, neither most of the opensource mirrors this app links to like for twitter and instagram are not valid, so this addon does nothing but break things.

avatar Jayme

I like it. OpenStreetMaps redirect does not seem to work as intended for me. It does redirect Google Maps, but not to the same location I searched (always returns the same initial location).

Could we possibly have the option to select random instance pool for libreddit redirects?