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Version: 3.5.0
Last Update: 2016-10-13


Session Manager is a Chrome extension developed by Teddy Cross. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Session Manager is 3.5.0, updated on 2016-10-13.
70,000+ users have installed this extension. 486 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
developer website:

Simple yet powerful tab set management. Quickly and easily save, update, remove, and restore sets of tabs!

Session Manager is a simple yet powerful extension that makes it quick and easy to save, update, remove, and restore sets of tabs.

Common uses include:
- Creating sessions for daily routines: pages you open in the morning, afternoon and evening.
- Grouping pages of common interest such as News, Financial and Social.
- Saving pages discovered during a research session that you'd like to revisit later.


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avatar Georg Bretschneider

Today, 9th May 2022, this extension started hijacking my address/search bar additionally to redirecting searches on to another site. Beware. Don't use. Will contact Google and inform them of observed behaviro.

avatar 平井伸治

This extension is easy to use if you just want to save the current tab as a session.
It has the ability to not save pinned tabs. This is a feature not found in other extensions.
It also has the ability to save the currently displayed tab to an existing session.
It does not have the ability to delete unwanted pages from a saved session.
The list of saved URLs is only displayed in a pop-up window.
The memory used is low.

avatar Marc Greenhill-Jeffery

I only want this extension to do one thing, and it does that perfectly!

avatar n ascentt

Doesn't work for me., if i export session the sessions.txt file is empty, the extension is also pretty limited in functionality. No crashed session recovery, have to manually save session, can't save selected windows to session.
Prefer Session Buddy, as all these features, plus a nicer interface and better ways to manipulate (add/remove) windows or tabs from saved sessions before opening them.

avatar Ricardo Leon

consulta como se puede exportar o guardar las sesiones al cambiar equipo