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Version: 0.0.22
Last Update: 2020-06-06


Subtle Tab is a Chrome extension developed by Subtletab team. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Subtle Tab is 0.0.22, updated on 2020-06-06.
3,000+ users have installed this extension. 41 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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Personalized experience on new tabs for better productivity

Subtle tab gives rejoicing experience to relieve stress and distractions with vibrant and eye soothing wallpapers. It keeps you updated about current weather and time for better management of your daily tasks. Various customizations like wallpaper categories, day and time settings, weather unit, Todoist & Wunderlist integrations in Todo widget etc. are available.

- Latest features

• Bookmarks Widget
• Todo Widget
• Google Calendar Widget
• Notes Widget
• Weather and Pollution Info Widget
• Day and Time Widget
• Inspirational Wallpapers
• Recent Wallpaper Widget
• Customizations
• Shortcuts to access widgets
• Sync across devices

- Permissions

• Location – For weather of current location
• Google Calendar - To access google calendar events
• Todoist - To access todos from Todoist application
• Wunderlist - To access todos from Wunderlist application

Note: We assure you, we are not tracking your location and using it only for fetching current weather details in case default location is selected. Google Calendar requires optional permission to access google domain to fetch calendar events and its handled on user machine only without saving any data on servers. Similarly, Todoist and Wunderlist requires extra permissions to fetch todos from their servers.


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avatar 0nlyRxse

I'm not very sure if i like this or not. Changing the wallpaper is pretty hard(in my opinion).I wish there would be a button to get a picture from your files. Sorry for a complaint.

avatar Gustavo Costa

I gave only three stars because it has a bug, a design failure and a missed feature:

1. The weather widget can not reocgnise my custom city name I wrote. I tested Auckland, Paris, Rome, etc., and it does not recognise and does not load.
2. I can not rearrange or reorder the favourite links. I like to organise and leave all alpganumerically.
3. The bookmark wdiget ia a poor design, for example:

avatar Arya Cozman

I love this but can you add like a reminder? so like for example my reminder is to go to the beach at the 2nd of december 2021 and ill go at 6:00 in the morning and when its 6:00 it just makes a sound and says ''go to the beach'' thanks!
and let me know if you dont know what i mean

avatar Greg Bernard

This extension is such a cool idea, but it seems like the Google Calendar and Todoist integrations no longer work. I would love this if that was fixed.

avatar Ren Casey

please add a search bar on the cover (optional perhaps?) and allow users to browse through all backgrounds, then pin the one they like :) otherwise love it! why aren't there more people using this??? :)