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Version: 0.8.2
Last Update: 2019-12-29


Sync Tab Groups is a Chrome extension developed by morikko. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Sync Tab Groups is 0.8.2, updated on 2019-12-29.
3,000+ users have installed this extension. 39 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Sync Tab Groups is an easy way to manage all your tabs. You group, organize, search and active them easily.

★ The project is no more maintained ★

Although I used it a lot, I feel less and less need for such an advanced way to manage my tabs. Aside from my full-time job, I have not much time left to put in this project.

Even, if this project ends, I thank all of you that used the extension or helped me to make this extension so great.

The project remains:
- Available: you continue to use it
- Open-source: you are free to fork it or reuse the code

- Firefox: [Simple Tab Groups](
- Actively maintained and with more features
- But no more pinned tabs inside groups and the double window to manage the tabs
- Chrome: nothing I am aware of

If you are curious about the experience of developing an open-source extension, you will enjoy [the article about Sync Tab Groups](


Sync Tab Groups is an easy way to manage all your tabs. You organize them depending on a topic by group. Groups can be closed and reopened without caring about your session. Moreover, you can easily search, active, move, save and remove your groups and tabs.

Check the website ( for more information (video, explanations, guides...)

A group has a name and contains many tabs related. It is either displayed in a window. Or closed, and waiting the next time you will use it. You can switch from one to another in your current window or in another window.

With your groups, you won't care about stopping a task and focusing on another one. With the possibility to search and activate tabs and groups, you won't lose time to retrieve them.

A popup is usable from anywhere in your browser. It shows your groups and let you do the actions with just few clicks. More than just activating tabs, you can move and close them.

★ Languages
- English
- French
- German (thanks @bitkleberAST)
- Russian (thanks @Александр)
- Spanish (thanks @lucas-mancini)
- Taiwanese Mandarin (thanks @rzfang)

I would gladly accept other translations. Contact me if you are interesting of contributing in this extension. (Mail or Github ("
You can start easily with the tool provided here:

★ Limitations (Important for not losing data)
- Tabs in closed group are REALLY closed
- Switching to a group, close all the current tabs in the window
- Previous sessions (back button) are lost when closing a group
- Temporary data like forms are lost when closing a group

★ Extension Permissions
- Tabs: Access to your tabs proprieties for saving them among the groups
- Storage: Save your groups on disk for not losing them when quitting
- Notifications: Giving you feedback
- Context Menu: Adding elements on right click on tabs and the extension icon
- Sessions: Find which group is in a window even after restarting Firefox
- Downloads: Save file with your groups for exporting and doing backup
- tabHide: Hiding API (Firefox only)

★ Bugs
If you find a bug, please open an issue ( or send me an email.

★ Thanks
Thank you all of you for helping me improving and fixing the extension :)


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avatar Xavier M.-S.

Eine wunderbare Arbeitshilfe. Solid, praktisch, einfach. Ein grosses Kompliment an die Entwickler. Klar es wirkt designmässig ein wenig klobig. Doch wen kümmert's? Solange der Workflow dadurch gewährleistet ist, hat die Funktionalität seine Aufgabe erfüllt. Was ich mir wünsche, wenn ich mir etwas wünschen dürfte? Die automatische Synchronisation zwischen den Geräten. Das wird wohl aus Abgrenzungsgründen nicht so einfach sein…

avatar Thomas P. Buehner

Dang, this extension is useful and even a tech dummy like me can use it easily. I always have tabs open for a dozen topics, and several for each topic. It is super easy to create a new topic and assign each tab to a topic. You use the topics like folders on Windows, just horizontally. I click on the topic I called "Writing", and see all my tabs for writing. I click on it again, and the Writing tabs disappear behind the topic name. More than fifty tabs open, and all I see are the topics, not all fifty tabs. This also solves the problem that you open a new tab, and you need to use keyboard shortcuts to actually see it, because the new tab no longer fits at the browser's top tab row. Thanks to the devs for the ease-of-use and the functionality.

avatar jean carlos larrota ortega

Tengo grupos creados, y de la nada se borran

avatar Ron Hoover, A follower of Jesus

Of all the web extensions I have, THIS IS THE BEST! I use it all the time. My searches take me on varying routs, but I easily open the manager and pull the new tabs into an existing group or make a new one.
I'm glad you are busy with life, and this app will stand a long time as a tribute to your time and give to the rest of us! Thank you So Much!

avatar Sergei Buttonkin

Хорошо бы ещё добавить облачную синхронизацию, тогда вообще было бы супер.