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Version: 2.10.0
Last Update: 2021-11-20


Tab Master 5000 is a Chrome extension developed by jaszhix. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Tab Master 5000 is 2.10.0, updated on 2021-11-20.
4,000+ users have installed this extension. 50 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

The swiss army knife of tab, history, bookmark, session, and extension management.

Tab Master 5K replaces your New Tab page with a full-featured tabs, history, bookmarks, apps, extensions, and sessions manager.

--- Features

-- Tabs
- Close, pin, and mute tabs from your New Tab page.
- Re-order tab tiles by dragging and dropping them.
- Close all tabs from a specific website.
- Close duplicate tabs, and optionally make them pulsate.
- Manage tabs through icons, the right click menu, or through a table view.
- Search tabs in the top search bar.
- Option to sort tabs by website or alphabetical order, and apply the order to your Chrome window.
- Option to view tabs across all windows.
- Automatically discard tabs from memory and customize how long they have to be inactive to trigger it.

-- Customization
- Full control of the New Tab's appearance with a flexible theme editor.
- Import any wallpaper as a background.
- Adjust the size of the grid tiles.
- View a screenshot of each tab in the grid.
- Enable screenshots to cover the background of a New Tab page when you hover over a tab tile. You can adjust the strength of the blur and opacity of backgrounds in Preferences.

-- Session Management
- Session manager built in for saving and restoring your current tab sessions.
- Synchronize your saved sessions, and keep them persistently updated with the current Chrome window.
- Tab sessions can be exported and imported.
- View, sort, and filter your session tabs as tiles in the grid view.

-- Chrome Management
- View, sort, and filter your bookmarks, history, apps and extensions as tiles in the grid view. You can change how apps launch, create app shortcuts, enable/disable, or uninstall them.
- Quickly navigate the extension with keyboard shortcuts.
- Undo tab actions by pressing CTRL+Z, or through the context menu while a New Tab page is open.
- Add websites you do not want to view to a comma separated blacklist in Settings -> Preferences. Websites added to the blacklist will have their tabs closed under any circumstance.

Please report any issues on this store page's Support tab.

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avatar Daniel Mikołajczyk

Settings don't save - screenshot settings to thumbnail, resets when you close browser.
Same as in earlier comments:

- a slider would be useful;
- ability to find duplicates;
- ability to add to groups (change group colour, folder);
- ability to add to favourites.

avatar Jim Nidositko

This extension looks very nice, but it seems to have a huge bug. When there are many windows, it does not properly scroll down past the first page in the session manager. The scroll anchor moves, but the context does not move. It stays stuck on the first page.

avatar Pat MySecret

I like the way this incorporates New Tab function and the layout options, particularly Tiles..
I tend to use a lot of similar/identical web pages.. particularly in blogging on the same website.
There's probably many others out there who do something similar.
I use the MultiLogin extension and see numbers that help differentiate, but that kinda invokes a numeric memorization task.
If there was a simple choosable color option to help differentiate the tabs, that would make this a lot better.
While the extension Tabs Outliner doesn't seem to have the tile layout and new tab function, it does let me put notes to help differentiate similar tabs.. so I am switching to Tabs Outliner.

avatar Richard Lloyd

You are 1 star away from perfect. My main issue is that there is not an easy way to Save sessions (i.e. right click the icon and select). I ran across one that gave you the option to save various either single tab, all tabs from single window and all tabs from all windows.

Another option that would be handy is on restore it doesn't load the pages until clicked on.

Last, session recovery.

I have been testing this on Brave and noticed that even if I set New Tab Override to Browser Default it still impacts the default tab by reducing it to minimalist view rather than Brave's New Tab.

avatar Ge Ve

Almost perfect. However tried the search feature to find the tab I want, tried to type the name of the tab and after writing a couple of letters the letters are deleted making the search feature useless. please fix this