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Version: 6.12.1
Last Update: 2022-09-16


Tab Session Manager is a Chrome extension developed by Sienori. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Tab Session Manager is 6.12.1, updated on 2022-09-16.
100,000+ users have installed this extension. 219 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Save and restore the state of windows and tabs. It also supports automatic saving.

* Save and restore windows and tabs
* Manage sessions with name and tags
* Auto save when window is closed
* Auto save at regular intervals
* Switch workspaces
* Import and export sessions
* Compatibility with Firefox extension
* Cloud sync
* Support Tab groups
* Import Session Buddy

Firefox version:
Edge version:

Version 6.12.0
* Implemented Tracking Session
* You can set a session as a tracking session from the session menu.
* When you open a tracking session, changes in the window are automatically reflected in the session.
* This allows for efficient workspace switching!
* Added option to track newly opened windows
* You can choose if newly opened windows in the tracking session should be included in the tracking

Version 6.11.0
* Supported importing Firefox session store backups files
* Improved login prompt not to appear during automatic cloud sync
* A red badge on the extension icon will notify you when manual login is required.
* Improved the appearance of tags in autosaved and startup sessions
* Shortened the tag name and changed the tag icon
* Adjusted the color of the session list to improve visibility
* Fixed an issue where importing Session Buddy files failed
* Fixed an issue where upload of sessions with long names failed in cloud sync
* Fixed an issue where "Open in current window" opens different order tabs when pinned tabs exists

Version 6.10.0
* Added the ability to import and export settings
* Supported the import of Session Buddy session files

Version 6.9.0
* Added the ability to add the current tab to the session
* Right-click on the window title or click on the Edit button to display the menu.
* Visualized incognito windows on the toolbar popup
* Improved the position of the notification on the toolbar popup
* Fixed an issue where the incognito window could not be restored in Chrome
* When loading a incognito window, lazy loading is disabled
* Fixed an issue where the window title is not displayed in Chrome
* Fixed an issue where ignoring URLs in "Replace with current window" was not working

Version 6.8.0
* Added option to compress favicons when saving session
* Compresses the favicon URL of the data URI scheme.
* This will reduce the session size and speed up loading.
* You can also compress the favicons of past sessions.
* Added option to select the backup type #762
* You can select individual or full backup
* Fixed an issue where session list loading was missing
* Fixed an issue where session list filtering was reset
* Fixed an issue where memory was not released after exporting sessions

Version 6.7.0
* Renewed local backup option
* Supports incremental backups.
* Only sessions that have changed will be saved separately, saving storage.
* Fixed an issue where the cloud sync login prompt appears on every reboot (Chrome/Edge)
* If you are using multiple browsers, the issue will be resolved only in the first Chrome/Edge you logged in.
* The second or later logged-in Chrome/Edge will still show the login prompt.
* Firefox does not have this issue.
* Improved the open and delete buttons in the session list
* Fixed an issue of accidentally opening a session by repeatedly clicking the delete button.

Version 6.6.0
* Supported for saving and restoring tab groups (in Chrome)
* To save tab groups, you need to install an additional extension.
*Supported for restoring window title (in Firefox)
*Fixed an issue where sessions could not be registered to startup

Version 6.5.0
* Added auto-sync option for cloud sync
* Changed to show cloud sync account names on the settings page
* Changed to wait 30 seconds when executing backup on startup
* Implemented suggestions for tag input
* Implemented double-click to open session
* Fixed broken style of lazy loading page
* Fixed an issue with lazy loading tabs closing on automatic updates

Version 6.4.0
* Supported for dark mode
* This is enabled when the OS is set to dark mode.
* Fixed an issue where an error appears when disabling/re-enabling an extension
* Fixed an issue where multiple pop-ups could not be opened

Version 6.3.0
* Implemented undo/redo of the operation
* If you've deleted an important session, you can undo it!
* Supported for right-clicking on the session list / save button / open button
* Right click to open the menu.
* Supported for middle-clicking on the tab in the popup
* Middle click to open the tab in the background

Version 6.2.0
* Speed up session loading when opening the popup.
* Enhanced search function
* supported search by tab name
* Replaced the always displayed search bar with a collapsible button
* The search bar will open automatically when you type in the session list
* Adjusted the popup style to be keyboard operated
* Added extension reload button when IndexedDB cannot be loaded
* Added copy URL button when the restored page is not accessible

Version 6.1.0
* Added option to sync (or not sync) auto save sessions

Version 6.0.0
* Added cloud sync function
* You can save sessions to Google Drive and sync with other devices.
* Added option to add device name when saving session


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avatar Alx K.

It worked ok. Very nice functionality and a good user interface but then... it lost all my sessions (something about "cannot write indexedDB") which is obviously not a good thing for a session manager. Taking into consideration that my sessions where actually not that many (maybe about 10-15, about 400 tabs each spreading to 4-5 windows) to cause serious lagg or memory issues that is a serious failure. There are several files in the extension folder but I cannot find any documentation on any way to get back my sessions or at least my previous ones before the problem occured.
I dont see the developer replying either here or in github and this makes things worse.

P.S. Update 2 years later...New bug.. Tab history (back button) is not saved. Finally moving to a more reliable extension.

avatar Danny Schmickler

Its a great extension. It has almost everything one would need for this. The only thing it's lacking a bit is features for organization. One that would help tremendously is making the search function include tags. E.g if I search for "Plant Water & Food Needs" and a saved session includes the tags "plant" and "water", then it would show up in the results. I know there is the tag dropdown list, but that's only one tag which is not sufficient for proper organization.

avatar 不见不散


avatar 平井伸治

I would like in the settings to not save pinned tabs.
Or, when saving, I want to be able to choose whether to include them in the save.

This extension has high memory usage.

avatar Cem Baki

i love it. free, easy and fast.