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Version: 1.9.4
Last Update: 2023-04-22

Overview - Tab Session Manager is a Chrome extension developed by dev. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of - Tab Session Manager is 1.9.4, updated on 2023-04-22.
2,000+ users have installed this extension. 51 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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Manage, save and restore your windows, tabs and sessions. is an all-in-one window, session and tab manager extension for Chrome that helps you manage and organize open tabs and windows in one convenient place.

★ Window & Tab Manager
Our window and tab manager provides you with the ability to quickly navigate to open windows and tabs with mouse or keyboard. Switch easily between tabs and windows. Search and filter for tabs by title or URL keywords. Manage pinned tabs, sort tabs and windows, group tabs by domain, suspend tabs, find tabs playing sound, and remove duplicates.You can also export tabs and windows to file as backup or save tabs for later and sync them across your devices.

Our window manager multiple column layout also makes it easy to get an overview of all your open windows and tabs and organize your windows by renaming them. With drag and drop you can easily move tabs between windows, open in a new window or merge entire windows.

The tab manager also comes with features so that you can save tabs for later restore by saving specific tabs in window, save all tabs in a window or save the entire session(all windows).

★ Session Manager
Provides an overview of all your saved windows and sessions allowing you to easily manage and quickly restore previously saved windows and sessions. Our smart restore avoids slowing down your computer by opening tabs in a suspended state in a new or existing window. You can also sync your saved windows and sessions to the cloud to prevent losing your data and have access from all your devices.

★ Session History
Get a timeline history overview of your browser sessions and easily restore individual windows or tabs from an earlier point in time. Save session snapshots from the manager or the menu for when you want to quit your browser, or temporarily need a blank browser, without the fear of losing all your tabs and windows. Enable auto-save session to always have a backup of your browser session in case your browser crashes. provides all of these features in a very small size compared to our competitors. We are strong believers in that great software should use minimal system resources and built to be fast.


▪ Overview of active windows and tabs
▪ Keyboard navigation support
▪ Rename windows
▪ Switch between tabs and windows
▪ Multiple window columns for wide screens
▪ Light/Dark theme
▪ Filter tabs with search
▪ Drag and drop tabs and windows
▪ Merge windows by drag and drop
▪ Group tabs by domain
▪ Sort tabs
▪ Remove duplicate tabs
▪ Suspend/Discard tabs from memory
▪ Find tabs playing audio
▪ Mute/Unmute tab playing audio
▪ Save tabs for later
▪ Save windows for later
▪ Save session for later
▪ Quickly restore windows and sessions
▪ Share windows by URL
▪ Automatic sessions history snapshot
▪ Take session snapshots for easy restore later
▪ Backup & Sync
▪ Export tabs, window or session as JSON/CSV
▪ Import exported tabs, window or session
▪ Cloud Backups
▪ And more...

Send us an email at [email protected] if you need support or have suggestions about missing features.


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avatar Gary McFeat

I’ve been looking for a replacement for Tabs Outliner (no longer supported) for ages.
I came across TabManager about a week ago and have been test-driving it.

Initial impression? I really like it, and (barring an unexpected problem) I’ll probably subscribe next week.

One thing I’d like to suggest:

When you’re on a particular web page in the browser, the entry for that page in the TabManager list should be highlighted in some way (bold, but maybe highlight the background colour as well) to make it easy to find in the list. At the moment, the page’s corresponding list entry doesn’t look any different from all the other entries, and when you’ve got a long list (as I do) it can be tedious trying to find where you are in the list. I hope that makes sense.

Or am I just missing something?

Anyway, keep up the great work!

avatar Asterios Leonidis

Exactly the feature that I was looking for.

avatar Colin Clarke

Pretty much everything I was looking for, great to see the developer team is active and responsive, too. Just one feature request: I'd like to be able to either automatically delete a saved window when I restore it, or even better, have an option in the menu (the one that opens when you click the icon in the top bar, the one that starts with "open manager") to save and overwrite the current window. That way I can open a window, add/remove some tabs, and then close it without having to manually remove the prior version of the window.

avatar Ahmed Z

Doesn't support tab groups and suspended restore. Doesn't feel as customizable as other tab session managers.

avatar ماهر أمين

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