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Version: 0.8.2
Last Update: 2022-06-23


TabMate is a Chrome extension developed by Abhilash. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of TabMate is 0.8.2, updated on 2022-06-23.
1,000+ users have installed this extension. 21 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

TabMate helps you manage tab clutter. Easily switch between tabs across all open windows, save/restore set of tabs/windows

TabMate helps you manage tab clutter and be more productive.

Stash a set of tab/windows that you want to save for later and easily restore them when needed.

Use quick switcher to search among open tabs and stashes and switch to them. Drag and drop the tabs to rearrange them with in windows or stashes.

Name stashes so you can easily remember the purpose for each set of tabs. Easily send tabs to named stashes through right click context menu.

Common usages:
- Quickly search and switch between all the open tabs and stashes
- Save the pages you've visited during your research session and restore all of them later.
- Logically group all the pages you visit often and load each group when needed.
- Easily manage existing open tabs by saving unnecessary tabs as a session.


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avatar Xalomon

Restoring a stashed window will make all its tabs be reloaded instead of suspended, causing them to fill all the memory if they're too many, making chrome unstable and freezing the entire system, unlike recently closed which loads them suspended.

avatar samuele gg

• Manca l'opzione per cambiare il colore dell'interfaccia scuro/chiaro;
• manca la multi-selezione delle schede di ogni finestra con shift (non la "selezione singola" e non il "seleziona tutto" presenti);
• il drag and drop delle schede è limitata a una per finestra;
• l'opzione stash è inutile: troppi passaggi, con l'estensione "OneTab Plus:Tab Manage & Productivity" o "Cluster - Window & Tab Manager", salvo ogni finestra e le ripristino separatamente.

L'opzione "stash" permette di nascondere sia la singola finestra che nasconderle tutte;
per estrarre tutte le finestre nascoste, vengono unite ed è possibile solo ripristinare tutte le schede di tutte le finestre in una nuova finestra.

• The option to change the dark / light interface color is missing;
• the multi-selection of the tabs of each window with shift is missing (not the "single selection" and not the "select all" present);
• the drag and drop of the tabs is limited to one per window;
• stash option is useless: too many steps, with the extension "OneTab Plus: Tab Manage & Productivity" or "Cluster - Window & Tab Manager", save each window and restore them separately.

The "stash" option allows you to hide both the single window and hide them all;
to extract all hidden windows, they are merged and you can only restore all tabs of all windows in a new window.

avatar Jesse Ω

This is very well made

avatar Hicks W

1. The text color is too light, I hope to change it to black!
2. The fonts of the current page should be bold and use different color!
3. The tab of the video or music being played should have an obvious speaker icon!

avatar Bethany Porter

This extension works well. I really like how I can extract tabs from any of the windows (even stashed ones) to go into a new one. The stash all button is a lovely way to quickly close all the windows without worry. If these changes were implemented I would LOVE this extension.

1. A button to jump to stashed windows or a separate section that I can switch to would be appreciated. Or even just a more clear separation of what windows are stashed and which are opened.

2. It would also be great if the current window would be on top of the list. I don't like how it makes the newest at the bottom of the list I wish it was reversed.

3. It scares me that every time I hit stash it closes the window. Maybe if after I hit stash it asked me if I want to keep it open or close it. It could also be a setting or even a separate button. But maybe I'm just not used to it yet. (edit: turns out if you right click the extension there is settings menu and you can turn this off)

4. A minor thing that bugs me is when I click off the renaming bar it doesn't save it, I have to press enter. I wish it would just save what I typed.