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Version: 3.5.8
Last Update: 2022-11-16


Tabox - Save and Share Tab Groups is a Chrome extension developed by Tabox. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Tabox - Save and Share Tab Groups is 3.5.8, updated on 2022-11-16.
20,000+ users have installed this extension. 108 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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Save your open tabs into collections and reopen them whenever you want in a single click!

Tabox lets you save all open tabs in the current window to a "Collection".
You can click on the collection to open all tabs instantly!
The extension's export and import feature is especially useful for working teams that need to share list of work URLs.

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Additional Features:
- Save all your open tabs and tab groups to a collection
- Allow auto updating of collections once you open them (enable in settings)
- Assign colors to collections for easier sorting and categorization
- Export / import collections
- Sync your collections across multiple devices using Google Drive
- Drag & Drop to rearrange your collections

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avatar R

The best out there.. It can store the tabs with grouped tabs support and sync your sessions with your google account.. I love it

avatar Hillgrove

Decent enough extension to save your tab groups (although a recent update broke half of my saved groups), but please take a page of advice from the Session Buddy people.

The interface to interact with groups is WAY too small to manage medium to large groups.

Please allow the group page to be opened in a separate browser window (full page) to make it much more managable.

avatar Haran G

ANNOYED RN it doesnt save the grouped tabs anymore its terribkw now i name and group them all for GOOD reason! Also make them suspended on load or something as another user mentions saves cpu hogging etc! Especially if i start doing multiple windows but this BUG? Is a major dissapontment otherwise 4..

avatar René Goldsweer

Tabox is by far the best tab manager I've ever seen. Especially the tab group support is awesome; very handy if you need to setup your Chrome browser from scratch. Syncing between devices works very well, too.

avatar Greig

Works great on Windows, breaks every time on Mac since it doesn't open anything organized within groups.