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Version: 2.0.14
Last Update: 2023-04-21


tabXpert - session and tab manager is a Chrome extension developed by According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of tabXpert - session and tab manager is 2.0.14, updated on 2023-04-21.
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Next generation tab and session manager

Tab management
Easily organize your tabs into tab groups and work sessions. tabXpert automatically tracks your tabs and tab groups. Simply drag and drop your tabs between sessions as needed.

Session management
Manage your work sessions in a single or multiple browser windows with ease. Close your sessions at any time and pick up later where you left off, even after a browser crash.

Cloud synchronization
Real-time cloud synchronization allows managing sessions in multiple profiles and ensures data safety.

Tab groups
Manage tab groups in the user interface. Switch between active tab groups with a single click. Save time with auto-grouping and auto-naming features. Bookmark tab groups as folders.

Organize your sessions and bookmarks into topics with tags. Topic bookmarks are shown within the session and can be used as a template for new sessions.

Bookmark management
Organize bookmarks into nested folders. Open folders as tab groups. Share bookmark folders with a single link. Import browser bookmarks for even more convenience.

User interface
Customize your tabXpert experience by choosing between pop-up, tab, and window interfaces. Adjust density and select from light or dark themes.

Assign keyboard shortcuts to quickly access interfaces, tabs, bookmarks, folders, sessions, and even Chrome profiles. This makes navigation fast and efficient.

Memory usage
tabXpert reduces memory usage by suspending tabs when opening sessions. It supports popular extensions like "The Marvellous Suspender" and "Tab Suspender" to suspend tabs on the fly.

Quickly find sessions, tags, folders, tabs, and bookmarks. Press the space bar to see your work history. Start typing or paste to activate the search. Chinese and Japanese are supported.

tabXpert supports data import from popular tab managers such as OneTab, Session Buddy, and Workona.

tabXpert automatically tracks your tabs, tab groups, and sessions. In the event of database failure, a local shadow backup is available. Cloud synchronization guarantees data safety.

tabXpert doesn't access web content or collect any browser statistics, ensuring your privacy. With cloud synchronization, your data is transferred encrypted via HTTPS to enterprise-grade IBM Cloud storage.

tabXpert's unique features, such as cloud synchronization, tab groups UI, and nested folders, are enabled by subscription. Your support helps to further develop and improve tabXpert, my sole financial and time-consuming project since 2017.

If you have any questions about the tabXpert session and tab manager, please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or join our Reddit community at


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avatar Xalomon

Closing a tab by using the extension's Active tabs panel and restoring it by using the Closed tabs panel is WORSE than closing the tab in chrome and using Chrome's HistoryRecently Closed feature because the extension will delete the tab's story (Back button) in the process! Making the extension effectively useless.

avatar Eng Azim

Wow! that's the word I said every time I use your tool. it's fascinating! I fall in love with it.
I was using Cluster tool because it's the most famous but ma man this tool is really amazing! it's easy to use, so much organized and, keep your tabs safely.

Thank you I really appreciate this work ?

avatar Alex Jones

Brilliant extension. Tried lots of tab managers but this one wins hands down / almost feels like it should be part of the browser. So easy to use and many options to set it up in a way that works for you

Would love to see a "Copy session URL" feature at some point — to copy into other tools to re-open a session from a note taking tool or task manager

avatar Craig Porter

The developer, Andriy, is incredibly responsive and open to all feedback. He quickly responds and works hard to update the app and make sure the user experience is excellent. I really have enjoyed using this extension and really is the best tab manager I've used.

avatar Earl Elpers

i very much enjoy using tabXpert. It is easy to use. The Cloud option is a huge plus so that you don't lose anything in case of problem. Very good product.