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Version: 1.6430
Last Update: 2022-03-23


Tweepsmap is a Chrome extension developed by Tweepsmap. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Tweepsmap is 1.6430, updated on 2022-03-23.
10,000+ users have installed this extension. 5 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 3.80.
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Tweepsmap extension

Have you ever wondered why you can't schedule Twitter threads, polls or retweets?
Maybe you followed someone and wondered when they followed you?
What about knowing the best time to post for your following?

This browser extension instantly gets you more engagement on Twitter from anywhere on the internet. Post, share, schedule tweets, threads, and polls while automatically reaching your audience when they're active.

Get all of Tweepsmap's powerful scheduling tools with a click of a button. Just click the extension to post whenever you have something to share with the ability to schedule to your connected social media accounts for the future. Organize your messages in a content Pipeline or schedule them individually using PowerSchedule.

When on Twitter, check your follower history, add them to a whitelist, and schedule retweets and replies to be posted only when your followers are online! Your content will be queued right into your calendar and posted automatically according to the Pipeline settings or the exact schedule that you selected.

There are three ways you can Tweepsmap your content:
1. Retweets & Replies. You can schedule retweets and replies right from your Twitter stream. Tweepsmap will plug your content into your calendar and post them for optimal engagement.
2. New Tweets. Post new tweets, polls and threads right from Twitter or any page by clicking on the Tweepsmap extension. Tweepsmap will plug your tweets into your calendar on your preferred schedule.
3. Blogs and Content. Click the Tweepsmap extension button on any page and Tweepsmap will plug the link and title into your calendar and post it on your schedule.

Enjoy the Tweepsmap browser extension: Tweet, post, retweet, schedule threads and polls from anywhere - and we get it seen.



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avatar Garrett O'Brien

Using latest version of Chrome, there is an abnormally high auto refresh rate kicking in making it impossible to edit a post as well as schedule.

avatar Rajan Malla

When scheduling new content by clicking on the Tweepsmap extension button on Chrome, scheduling (pop-up) box keeps on refreshing so cannot post or schedule.