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Version: 0.15
Last Update: 2023-04-18


Ultimate H1B Sponsor Checker is a Chrome extension developed by uh1bscx. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Ultimate H1B Sponsor Checker is 0.15, updated on 2023-04-18.
10,000+ users have installed this extension. 10 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Find if a company sponsored H1B in the past couple of years when searching for jobs in LinkedIn and Indeed.

Makes your job search a Smart Search.
Ultimate H1B sponsor Checker verifies with trusted sources and highlights the companies who have or have not sponsored H1B visa in last couple of years.
v0.15 updates
☆ Fixed some bugs in extension when used in indeed and linkedin.
v0.14 updates
☆ Added 2022 Data
☆ Added support for Glassdoor(only badges)
☆ Fixed few bugs on LinkedIn and Indeed.

☆ Works on LinkedIn and Indeed and glassdoor😎
☆ Adds badges to companies when searching for jobs in jobs listing page
☆ Provides more info for companies who have sponsored for H1b under the company name in LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor.
☆ Save your valuable time and effort ✌
Some Company names may not match exactly which are on LinkedIn and the name with which they sponsor.
Please use this tool as reference only, which will help in your job search.
You can raise an issue here

All the BEST! In your job search. 👍
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avatar shanthi mudundi

This is AWESOME, I was looking for Jobs in Bay area and wanted to give this extension a try, I just cant believe how easy and simple it made my job search. Now, I know upfront if the company ever sponsored for h1b or not. I also like the way it gives additional details like how many were applied and in which state. Really cool. Thanks for the extension.

avatar Pushkal kumar

I started using this extension recently for my job search. This is very helpful and makes my search easy to narrow down my results. I recommend this 10/10.

avatar Ramchandra Reddy

Very Helpful... Easy to know the H1B sponsors while searching for jobs. You will love this, once you start using.

avatar Santhi Ganti

As a international student, I need to know the companies who sponsor. This extension helped me to fine tune my job search in most effective way. As we all know how important the filters actions are in our job search, similarly I found this extension more useful. Simple to use with extensive results.

avatar Manikanta Sanisetty

Love the extension, simple and easy. This extension helps me to find companies that sponsor visas including approval and denial with a simple search. Most of the time, I have to wait till I speak with HR to know whether they offer sponsorship or not now with this extension anymore. Also knowing visa approval and denial for a company before applying is a plus.