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Verihold Everywhere is a Chrome extension developed by Antengo. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Verihold Everywhere is 1.0, updated on 2017-01-07.
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For more info., visit or email [email protected] with any questions.

In partnership with PayPal, Verihold brings the first-ever secure payments (with escrow) option to the wild world of peer-to-peer listings (ANY online classifieds site, e.g. Craigslist, OLX,, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, etc.)!

What this means / HOW-IT-WORKS:

* Do you sell stuff online? Add a simple, 2-click BUY BUTTON to any site in the world for buyers to receive guarantee payment upfront - Verihold immediately secures buyers' funds in PayPal's escrow account.
* Put another way: sellers get paid upfront (without completing the transfer) before potentially wasting their time on unsure or "scammy" buyers who need to "see the item."
* Buyers pay in only 2 clicks. After click #2, buyers have placed a hold (all the work necessary on the buyer side).
* When buyers "hold" an item, PayPal secures the funds, keeping them in its escrow account until the item has transferred.
* Sellers confirm transfer (either via shipping or local meetup), at which point the funds move from PayPal's escrow account into the seller's PayPal account.
* Both buyers & sellers* receive PayPal protection

*Sellers only receive protection for shipped items. Only buyers receive full PayPal protection for transfers that occur via local meetup.

Great for:
- Quickly getting rid of expensive electronics and giving buyers a "money back guarantee" so they aren't worried about defects.
- Guaranteeing the authenticity of a designer brand accessory or garment
- Alleviating concerns around faulty autos (since buyers always have complete PayPal protection)
- Selling tickets when you can't make it to the game last minute
- So many other use cases

Enjoy Verihold Everywhere!


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