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Version: 0.2.0
Last Update: 2022-12-04


Video Downloader For FB is a Chrome extension developed by vovazoikin7555. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Video Downloader For FB is 0.2.0, updated on 2022-12-04.
70,000+ users have installed this extension. 167 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 3.19.
developer website:

Video Downloader For Facebook - helps to download videos in high quality and also blocks facebook ads.

Please watch the screen recording to understand how to make it work. We are currently working on a better solution but for now, this is what's working! I will update it to make it easier to download as soon as we figure it out which should be real soon!!

***Fixed! 11/11/2022***

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⭐ Download videos from Facebook ⭐

Easy To Use:

1.) Just go to on your desktop
2.) Find the Video you want to download.
3.) Click the Video into its own page then refresh screen.
4.) Click on the extension if the download button does not show up after refreshing your screen
5.) Press the download button in the right corner of every video.
6.) Save as MP4 in HD or SD quality.

1- Easy To Use.
2- Super Safe.
3- Save Video As MP4 In HD or SD Quality.

In order to keep updating the extension and pay for all the development work that has been done, we have to have a way to monetize the extension. We absolutely do not want you to pay for a dime out of your pocket for it so we have decided to do it through what you search on google and other search engine platforms. Now, we do not keep any of that information based on the actual thing that you search, it only tracks the amount of times you search and if you click on an ad. Nothing else. This is a way for us to keep developing the app and keep it open as we have invested lots of money trying to keep it up a running for you guys. We just wanted to be upfront and honest about it since you will notice an update within the next few days. This really helps us out and allows us, like I said, to keep developing the app further. Thanks everyone.

Install Video Downloader For Facebook and start downloading videos from Facebook now!

*We recommend not trying to download any videos via the extension that are over 30 minutes long as it takes forever to process from Facebooks servers. It would be better to download long videos from our website like I mention where to find that below!

Also, our website is officially live on the dashboard under our name next to "Offered by:" and you are able to download Facebook videos via a Facebook URL!!

Important Notes :
- This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Meta, Inc. nor Facebook, Inc.



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avatar 44 Calibre

Didn't work AND changed my browser to bing for no clear reason.

avatar Ahsan Malik

It's like a hack
automatcially acces your facebook details / browser details / change the search engine... in simple line great work but take alot in response...

avatar mikky ocampo

I followed the instructions on how to download fb videos but it didn't work. I'm removing now this extension.

avatar dimitri visser

Simply doesn't work. There is no download button. And clicking on the extension as mentioned in the manual will bring you to their website.

avatar Robin Wills

Useless. Don't work.