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Version: 32.6.1
Last Update: 2023-01-16


WikiTree BEE is a Chrome extension developed by shogen.apps. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of WikiTree BEE is 32.6.1, updated on 2023-01-16.
879 users have installed this extension. 5 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 5.00.

Enhance your WikiTree experience with WikiTree Browser Extension Extras: WikiTree BEE

WikiTree BEE (Browser Extension Extras)...


- Wiki tables and new profiles from Ancestry, FamilySearch, and Find a Grave records (and others)
- Vertical Family Lists
- Highlighted Ancestors and Cousins
- AutoBio
- Extra Watchlist
- Shareable Sources
+ Many more features

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avatar Campbell Braddock

Best Chrome extension for WikiTree, it's a must have, I have been using this app for a while now

avatar cc 02b41

Really enjoying this extension! Thanks for your hardwork.

avatar Linda Peterson

One of the best apps for user with Wikitree!! I love seeing the relationships to so many ancestors and members when viewing pages. Having the relatives on the right side instead of at the 'top' of a profile is probably my most favorite part of this app. The app is constantly being updated to help Wikitree users, based on requests in G2G for regular Wikitree software.

avatar Gail Cox

Useful extension, would hate to do without it. Tables gives relationship information on the profile page so you can see your direct ancestors as soon as the page comes up.

avatar Casey

I can't believe more people aren't familiar with this extension. This adds all sorts of features to wikitree that makes it much more useful. I look forward to each update. You have done a wonderful job. Keep up the great work. Thanks!