AdLock: Adblocker & Privacy Protection AdLock: Adblocker & Privacy Protection

Version: 0.1.31
Last Update: 2022-10-05


AdLock: Adblocker & Privacy Protection is a Chrome extension developed by Hankuper s.r.o.. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of AdLock: Adblocker & Privacy Protection is 0.1.31, updated on 2022-10-05.
100,000+ users have installed this extension. 354 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
developer website:

Block ads on your favourite websites, including video and audio ads on YouTube, Crunchyroll, Spotify, SoundCloud and KissAnime.

Meet AdLock — the most comprehensive adblock for Chrome!

Block annoying ads, popups, video ads, online tracking, protect your privacy in a snap.

AdLock guards your safe and ad-free web experience. It effectively blocks all the ads on websites, video streaming services (eg. Youtube, Crunchyroll, KissAnime), social networks (Facebook, Pinterest), etc. You will no longer see any banners, pop-ups or pop-unders, video ads or autoplay ads. Forget about interruptions while listening your favorite tracks on Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube Music.

AdLock adblocking extension protects users’ online privacy and ensures safe and fast browsing on any website.

Main features:

• Block banners and pop-ups
Our free ad blocker removes all pesky adverts. No commercials, pure content only!

• Block video ads
AdLock shows no mercy to video ads on streaming services including Youtube, Crunchyroll, KissCartoon, KissAnime and others.

• Remove adblock walls (Anti-adblocker detection)
Website owners try their best to protect commercial content from being removed. By using anti-adblocker detection, publishers restrict access to their content to users with ad-blocking software. This is a problem, but not for AdLock as it’s the best ad blocker ninja — unseen and deadly.

• Protect your online privacy
Stop ads and data collection once and for all. Our lightweight Google Chrome extension protects your online privacy. AdLock blocks third party trackers, ad/malware attacks, all forms of online tracking scripts and bugs run by advertisers like Google, Facebook, etc. No one will be able to track your activities online.

• Browse safely
AdLock prevents you from visiting malicious websites and protects you against viruses, phishing attacks, and other scams.

• Adjust filter list
You can adjust the rules (filters) we use to determine what should be blocked on the web pages you visit. Our extension is extremely flexible when it comes to meeting the user’s requirements. No academic degree is required — a walk in the park.

• Whitelist any website you wish
Control your browsing experience: whitelist pages or whole websites when needed, blacklist them again — it’s up to you.

• Speed up page loading time
AdLock not only removes ads but also gets rid of their placeholders. The web pages look nice and clean, with no empty boxes. Moreover, with AdLock, page loading speed is faster and your overall browsing experience is much smoother.

AdLock was designed by users for users. We know your pain, we know you hate digging through tons of ads. You are we.
There’s no need to have separate extensions: YouTube adblock, Crunchyroll adblock, etc., AdLock copes with all ad-related problems simultaneously.
Say goodbye to commercials with the best free Chrome adblock extension — AdLock.

*Want to block pop-up ads, banners, redirects, and any sort of commercial content on your Android device?
*Want to block ads on your Safari browser?
*Need more than just an adblock chrome extension?
We’ve got something for you!
Visit our official website to find out more.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and proposals. Feel free to contact us via [email protected] and share your thoughts and ideas.


The AdLock extension requires such permissions as:

- "Access data for all websites": in order to make our product fully functional for your protection from ads.
- "Access to browser tabs" to get information about the website you visit (website url, tab id, parent tab id). It allows us to block annoying ad requests, get rid of ad images and hide empty blocks with special cosmetic and net rules.
- “Web navigation”: extension watches tab changes and reacts to keep webpage clean from ads.

The AdLock extension gathers anonymous usage information including browser language, a number of blocked ad requests, stores it on your local storage and doesn’t sell or share it with third parties. The AdLock extension also creates a unique ID and anonymously assigns to each installation. This ID is stored on the AdLock server until you uninstall the AdLock extension.


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avatar Arvind Pratap Singh

Its a very good ad blocker. It blocks all unnecessary ads and pop ups.

avatar Rainbow Warrior Princess

Spyware filter cannot be activated anymore; when trying to activate it, their web site opens in a new tab in order to buy the pro version:

Upgrade to AdLock for Windows

avatar Nuthapat Goonging

รู้จักจากการแนะนำ "แอพส่วนขยายที่ดีที่สุดในปี 2021" ก็เลยลองใช้ดู

avatar Poltergeist H.

It does not work.
Ads are showing up and can be detected as an AD blocker by web pages.

avatar Микола Солодкий

Рекламу блокує добре. Радує, що безкоштовно. З часом допишу, але поки що із задачами справляється на ура!