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Version: 4.1.1
Last Update: 2023-04-15


Copy As Hyperlink is a Chrome extension developed by Frederick Hewett (Cambridge, MA). According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Copy As Hyperlink is 4.1.1, updated on 2023-04-15.
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Copy page title or selected text as a pasteable hyperlink

The purpose of this extension is to facilitate copying and pasting of text from a webpage such that the copied data includes a hyperlink to the page on which the text appears.

To use this extension:
1. On the web page for which you're creating a link, select the text that you want to appear in the destination document. For a news article, this might be the article headline. If no text is selected, the page title will be used.
2. Click on the icon for this extension. A small window that says "Link copied" will pop up temporarily next to the icon.
3. Paste the text into the destination document. It should appear as a hyperlink to the webpage from which the text was copied.
4. You can also use a hot key to invoke the extension. The default is Alt-Shift-L.


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avatar Asher Y

This extension does copy the text with link. You will find it when you paste to a rich text editor. If you paste it on a plain text editor, you will only get the selected text. It's pretty reasonable

avatar Clement Maloney

Simply wonderful! It's not mentioned on this page, however you can simply click the button without selecting anything and it will create a link for the current page. This works in a Google search which is exactly what I required i.e. "Search term" with the link embedded. 10/10 Update: Still one of my favorite extensions, however it would be great if it worked on Google Docs?

avatar A Google User

I agree with Kould B. It copies the selected text just fine, but the link is nowhere to be found.

avatar kouldb anyone

Yet another extension that claims to copy the link, but fails to do so. It only copies the selected text. But not the link. I absolutely loathe it when developers treat users like fools.

avatar Mathi Vanan