Cute Custom Cursors 2023 for Chrome Cute Custom Cursors 2023 for Chrome

Last Update: 2023-04-12


Cute Custom Cursors 2023 for Chrome is a Chrome extension developed by Cute Custom Cursors 2023. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Cute Custom Cursors 2023 for Chrome is, updated on 2023-04-12.
50,000+ users have installed this extension. 44 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Take a cute custom cursors for Chrome. The mouse becomes a cute mouse.

After installing the extension, you will be able to customize the mouse cursors for chrome.

There are different categories in the collection:
- cursors for girls
- cursors for man
- cats
- dogs
- cute cursors

You can set your own style for cursors:
- minecraft
- pizza
- pink
- roses
- princesses

The simplest and easiest way to be unique

Yes, you can get custom cursors for Chrome in various ways. But why comprehend the depths of programming when everything can be much simpler? For example, download a special extension with dozens of unique cursors. Everything becomes simple and convenient because this extension is available in your browser. You only need to do a few things:

1. Open the page with the extension in Chrome Web Store;
2. Install or Add it;
3. Customize and get a lot of custom cursors for Chrome.

Sometimes you want to add personality to everyday things. Why not change the style of your pointer cursor, because we spend so much time at the computer, and it will be much more fun and enjoyable to watch the cursor that you like. Especially since you can just download the extension and get lots of free mouse cursors.

Thanks to the extension, you can upgrade your cursor, and make it bright and unique. Forget about the boring regular mouse cursor, because now it can be something more! The browser add-on gives access to a huge number of different options.

There are many categories here:

• for girls;
• for guys;
• cats;
• dogs;
• game;
• cartoon;
• anime;
• meme;
• gradient;
• with cats and much, much more
• cute custom cursors.

You can set your style for cursors:

• Minecraft;
• pizza;
• pink;
• roses;
• princesses.

Thanks to the mouse cursor changer you can choose something special, stylish, something that can show your personality. It can be a custom cursor with a character from your favorite animated series. Or maybe just a pretty cursor in your favorite color. Or is it the car of your dreams - you choose!

Setting a Custom Mouse Cursor

As you understand, a non-standard pointer is not a cursor provided by the system, but a cursor developed by an individual. Accordingly, you need to download it first. Simply browse our catalogue, that gives you access to a huge library, where everyone can find a cursor for his taste.

Fill your favorite cursors library and change it with a simple click whenever you like. Play online games with a favorite character mouse pointer, or work online with big and attractive mouse pointer.

You can also choose one of six custom cursor sizes. Make a small cursor if it takes too much screen space, or a big cursor just for fun!

Animated cursor:

Unfortunately for now there is no convenient way to develop animated cursors, that will work smooth on wny website, that is why we still do not do it. But we're working on it and let you know when we have animated cursors right away!


No matter how old you are, in school or office, life should be filled with joy and fun. And bright non-standard cursors are just a small detail that cheers up and makes work more convenient, and using a computer is more pleasant. Use our cursor changer extension - make yourself even happier!
Dozens of unique custom mouse pointers at your service. Just a few clicks to download the application and a couple of minutes to make the design unique. Now it is much easier to work, study and even just use the system. Try cool cursors for your browser today. And do your surfing in a new way!


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avatar Eli Jones

Where is the button to change the cursor??

avatar AJ

I like it but can you please add the ability to make a custom cursor like you can make a eggdog cursor or any cursor I really hope you guys update it thanks ;)

avatar DJ Fortify

Hey sup bros. Love this pointer app, I went with this because it was lower on the list of top three. I love the glitch.
Thank you!

avatar Jaclyn frailick

1 star because the cursors were NOT what they showed in the photo, not even close.

avatar xemi lawl

Was okay, but the thing is if you disable it, it won't go away. This is a good extension, but that's the small problem. Please fix the disable button. Thank you (P.S, the cursor only appears on Youtube, also fix that please!!)