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Version: 2017.9.2
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Doublespeak is a Chrome extension developed by Joshua Fan. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Doublespeak is 2017.9.2, updated on 2017-09-08.
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Hides/reveals secret messages in text. Optimized for instant messaging.

Messages are encoded as zero-width Unicode characters, as a casual form of steganography.

Encryption coming soon.


• Tab / Shift+Tab — cycle through fields
• Drag and drop files onto popup to encode
• To identify yourself in your messages, open the hamburger menu and prepend/append your name

When auto mode is enabled, this extension automatically parses the HTML in your current tab for secret messages. This feature requires the permission "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit". If you do not trust this extension, you can manually decode using the web app at

【What can be hidden】

• Text
• URLs (similar use to QR codes)
• Watermarks
• Small files

【Possible places for storage】

• Chat messages
• Social media posts
• User profile information
• Forums
• Emails
• Digital documents
• File names (very short messages only)

【How does it work?】

Unicode contains some zero-width, unprintable characters. We use 16 of them to encode any data in hexadecimal, using our arbitrary encoding scheme.

The resulting string of invisible characters is then inserted at a random location in the cover text.

Source is available at


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