FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier) FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier)

Version: 5.15.3
Last Update: 2023-04-23


FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier) is a Chrome extension developed by Kenji Kuroneki. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier) is 5.15.3, updated on 2023-04-23.
1,000+ users have installed this extension. 21 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Implements a better uploader and notification system on FurAffinity.

An extension that makes the user-experience on FurAffinity better by adding a new notifier system on your toolbar and getting rid of the outdated and clunky default upload system of FA, replacing it with a much more user-friendly and resourceful uploader. Main features include:

- Upload multiple files at once.
- Ability to drag & drop files anywhere on FurAffinity's upload page.
- Edit details on the fly and save them to use later as Upload Defaults.
- Have series and comics update their links to previous/next/first submissions automatically.
- Organize everything into a list to be uploaded sequentially while you relax in the background.
- New notification system that displays new submissions, comments, journals, favorites and notes directly through your toolbar.
- Disable FurAffinity's compression and upload images based on their original quality.

No more wasting time going through 4 different pages just to upload a single file to FurAffinity or having to click every single page to see the new comments you've received, install FABUI on your browser now and make your user-experience on FurAffinity so much better!

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avatar keoki kale duncan

-you can preserve quality by disabling FS compression
-you can save submission settings for easy consecutive submissions
-the format is fairly easy to navigate

-when you make a "url" line, you have to use Ctrl+Shift+V for pasting, or else it doesn't work, and applies a "black" code to it, messing it up
-sometimes doesn't upload on the first try, so you have to fidget with it a bit, and the bar system can be deceiving for impatient submitters
-it automatically applies the title of the submission file, so if you forget to put a title on the post, you could easily forget you hadn't titled anything on it at all until it shows up in your notifications

avatar Ferret The Furry

For now it works fine for me, although I would like to be able to customize which notification to add sound to without disabling them completely. But it is a minimum detail for that to affect the score. Thanks for this, it is very useful :)

avatar Omar Permenter

Its really good but i frequently deal with an issue where it suddenly stops receiving notifications and i have to reinstall the extension and open my notifications on FA for it to start getting them again.

avatar Elad Sabach

Work wery well until today where its stop working all of the sudden


Extremely useful for checking what's new!