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Version: 0.3.17
Last Update: 2023-04-24


FatCoupon Cash Back & Promo Codes is a Chrome extension developed by https://www.fatcoupon.com. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of FatCoupon Cash Back & Promo Codes is 0.3.17, updated on 2023-04-24.
50,000+ users have installed this extension. 2124 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
developer website: fatcoupon.com

Shop with the FatCoupon extension for cash back and automatic coupons at over 10,000 stores.

Why FatCoupon?
- FatCoupon automatically applies coupons when you shop online
- Earn the highest cash back at over 10,000+ stores every day like Walmart, Nordstrom, Dell etc
- Our codes work! We have a full-time code-testing team
- Coupon stacking (codes often work on top of sale prices)
- Additional savings at major holiday sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day, Black Friday in July, Labor Day and more!
- Our extension is fast. We will not slow down your web browser like other coupon extensions

Promo Code & Cash Back Overview:
Our extension automatically applies really good promo codes and activate cash back when you shop online. Simply add this extension to Chrome, and we'll provide promo codes and cash back at check-out.

We have a full-time team finding the best working promo codes available. This means you'll save more and get a cash back bonus that other extensions cannot do.

Already using Honey, Capital One Shopping, Cently, PriceBlink, InvisibleHand, CamelCamelCamel or Amazon Wishlist? This will make a great addition to your collection of shopping extensions! Get started saving today!

Pro-tip: After installing, check-in daily to earn FREE cash back. Redeem for gift cards or cash rewards.

Earn cash back simply by activating that our browser extension when you shop.

Save with promo codes. Our deal team works around the clock to stock the FatCoupon with more working promo codes than other shopping extensions. Our codes are often one-time use promo codes, which can stack on top of sale prices.

We also give you rewards just for scanning codes at check-out and more. Be sure to review our “Shopping Tips” for each store to ensure you get the best price. Often stores will want you to log in to access free shipping, for instance.

We have the best shopping extension because:
- We are committed to giving away the most cash back
- We have really good promo codes at top stores
- Daily tasks to earn rewards for free - no purchase needed.
- We won’t slow down your browser like other coupon sites.
- No need to find and test promo codes on your own. We do the testing for you. No more copying and pasting codes from random coupon code sites.

Privacy and data protection are extremely important to us. We never sell or share your data. Please read our privacy policy for more.

Visit FatCoupon.com for a list of stores, our top deals, and to get insider promo code info from our savings blog.

Our goal is to help you save more when you shop online.
Try FatCoupon and let the magic happen. Be sure to leave us a review after you save.

If you have any questions at all please contact us directly at: https://fatcoupon.com/contact and we’ll help you out!
If you have any concerns please view our Terms of Service at https://fatcoupon.com/eula (End User License Agreement)


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avatar come to

The bonus of installing the extension was never fulfilled
- The actual amount of cashback earned for a purchase was well below the advertised rate
- I contacted support about those two issues using their contact form and never heard a thing

avatar Rehema amani

i really love this site alot...its working very well and its paying you..

avatar Muzaffer Hussain

ITS great extension and its help full and i loved it. It is very useful if you love shopping online. but I think it would be better to add PayPal, Payoneer as a Payment method .

avatar Emery Mendez

This app is amazing i use it to buy popular brands like nike and addidas. Plus you can save up to 100 dollers! You should use this app it is totally worth it.

avatar Ime Nkana

I love the features available here. Indeed nowhere else online offers such jaw-dropping discounts for tech products. Will definitely be doing my shopping on this platform forthwith.