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Version: 2.0.3
Last Update: 2022-12-20


Fiverr Seller Assistant is a Chrome extension developed by shanijangee007. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Fiverr Seller Assistant is 2.0.3, updated on 2022-12-20.
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Fiverr Seller Assistant - View Buyer details when sending buyer request

Getting orders on Fiverr is now too easy. Fiverr Seller Assistant will help you in getting orders and ranking your Fiverr Gig.

It is difficult to get orders if you are a new seller or your Gig is de-ranked. We develop this extension for helping Fiverr Seller and Buyers. Using this extension you can view new buyer request notifications. For this functionality Fiverr charge a monthly $29 but we know it is a huge amount for a seller so I develop this extension for helping Fiverr Sellers.

Main Features of Fiverr Seller Assistant Extension:

1. New Buyer Request Notification
Buyer request is an excellent source for getting orders, but there is no exact timing for new buyer requests. Fiverr Seller Assistant extension will show a notification each time a buyer requests are added.

2. Buyer Details on Buyer Request
On Fiverr, you can send 10 buyer requests daily and you can get 2-3 orders daily through these requests but if you send buyer requests to the right person. This extension will show all the details of a buyer and you can send your offer to the right buyer.

3. Pre-made offers templates for winning a job
An attractive offer is a core for winning a job. We are added up to 4 pre-written offer templates. You can use these templates in your offer text. These offers are written by a seller which has more than 8 years of experience on Fiverr and already completed more than 1000 orders on Fiverr. So, a great chance for you for winning 2-3 jobs daily.

4. Daily Up to 3 unique Tips & Tricks for ranking a Gig
Ranking a Gig is very important. You can get premium clients if your Gig is in Ranking. Tips & Tricks panel will show daily up to 3 unique Tips & Tricks about how you can rank your Fiverr Gig even if it is a new account or newly created Gig or your Gig is de-ranked.

5. Buyer Assistant/Competition checker/Gig Details
Using Fiverr Seller Assistant you can all the details of a gig when you search service on Fiverr. This is very helpful if you want to buy a service, want to check competition, or want to view quick details rather than going on a Gig description page one by one

6. Recent Reviews Panel on a Message Dashboard
If a buyer contacts you through messaging on Fiverr then you can view recent Buyer/Seller reviews on the right details panel.

This panel will help you for checking if the buyer is a new buyer and also it will show seller reviews so you can get the idea if the buyer is also a seller or not.

Version 2.0.3: Fix Rechaptcha issue and remove buyer request details functionality.
Version 2.0.2: Fixed loading issue
Version: 2.0.1: Fix alert issue


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Excellent apps

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Its Great i am so happy :)

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wonderfull extension

avatar bikas chandra roy

I am using this extension it's good, But sometimes given buyer details are not correct. So please check your extension and repair it. Thanks.