Fix IDRAC .jnlp file Fix IDRAC .jnlp file

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Fix IDRAC .jnlp file is a Chrome extension developed by craig. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Fix IDRAC .jnlp file is 0.1, updated on 2019-09-28.
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Fix the weridness in the DELL older IDRAC like version 6 so you can open the JAVA link it provides in chrome

Fix the weridness in the DELL older IDRAC like version 6 so you can open the JAVA link it provides in chrome


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avatar Dieter D

Still works like a charm, thanks a lot Craig!

avatar R. Daneel Olivaw

Works well for its stated purpose, but at some point I noticed it intermittently interfering with other download-related extensions. Most specifically, at present it seems to interfere with extensions that rename/move files during/after download, such as DownThemAll which grabs link details for extended file naming options. It also completely prevents DTA (and others) from downloading to subfolders, which is likely the same root cause. While extensions are limited to using the profile's Downloads folder per Chrome security policy, there are no restrictions within that folder. I have successfully tested all functions mentioned here without this extension installed, so it seems this extension is the only cause of these problems and there are no secondary/compounding factors.

To fix it: The extension either needs a more specific automatic filter/mechanism or, if the circumstances/API doesn't allow for an automatic/programmatic fix, then possibly just a manual whitelist, like a short list with buttons to add specific scopes, like "run on this domain" etc. and a default exit/ignore if the current site/IP/range/etc isn't on there.

Looking at the code, it uses a simple regex filter of "^viewer\.jnlp" to ID files, which should be fine as most file names wouldn't contain that string, so I can only guess that the issue is that the extension running on every single download is causing conflicts, meaning it should be limited in some other way, like my suggested whitelist.

For reference, the red error message seen on the Chrome extensions page (main list or single extension page) after a conflict:

This extension failed to name the download "" because another extension (Fix IDRAC .jnlp file) determined a different filename "".

avatar Vincent Wolsky

no instructions, added it to chrome, clicked launch virtual console on idrac page and it downloads that file and nothing happens.

avatar Phillip De Rossi

Awesome mate, thank you! works great. :-D

avatar Diego Bonfim

The Glorious man, that's what you are.