Font Changer Font Changer

Version: 1.2.0
Last Update: 2020-10-13

User Reviews

avatar Alex

You cannot change the font on multiple selected sites. Only at all or at one.

avatar Red Ninja

Great idea but bad execution. Works the first time on a website then stops working.

avatar Vall Ny

This extension does shady calls to malware sites, DO NOT INSTALL. As reported by other users as well. To test this out open some page and press F12 - and under the network tab choose throttling to "offline" then under the console you will see
GET https://ext-affiliate.***/api/medium/14/status net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED
By inspecting the extension source code there is others strange activities.

avatar Jolita S

With this extension I cannot change the font in a google play book online that I'm reading. Was looking for an extension to change the font as the options are slim within the web reader. This one does nothing and the instructions are really lacking.

avatar B M

fixed my problem webpage

avatar Bob Richters

Don't recommend! When plugin is activated it's sending requests to all kinds of affiliate programs when clicking links that are considered 'products'. I found: Booking, Fliggy, Flipkart, Travelpayouts etc. Sneaky!

avatar Brian Donovan

Garbage. I want to replace all the fonts including san serf with times roman. I'm tied of the terrible readability of sans serif. Who thought sans serif was good idea?



look the same, huh? They aren't.

avatar Aleksandr Aksarin

Must have extension for fixing fonts on sites with bad design.

avatar Dũng Huỳnh

really good, easy compatible to any web page. Good extension.Thanks

avatar Bernard Robbins

My eyes are getting old, so I can't read these stylistic fonts some of these sites expect me to read. This extension change all that.

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