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Version: 3.4.0
Last Update: 2018-04-26


IMDb rottentomatoes scores is a Chrome extension developed by Margus Lamp. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of IMDb rottentomatoes scores is 3.4.0, updated on 2018-04-26.
461 users have installed this extension. 22 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Non-intrusive way to add rotten tomatoes scores to

Small tool to help showing Rotten Tomatoes score on site.

UPDATE 26.04.2018
* Changed api, should be better for future, more relevant data incoming

UPDATE 25.04.2018
* Updated scripts to conform new Chrome extension api, extension should work again \o/

UPDATED 30.05.2017
* Movie matching tuning (accepting TV Movies)

UPDATED 24.05.2017
* Moved away from OMDb API (was not reliable and slow)

UPDATED 10.04.2017
* Better matching
* Now showing rotten scores even if imdb does not have scores yet

UPDATED 27.03.2017
* Even faster backend (results will be shown faster)

UPDATED 10.03.2017
* Faster backend & frontend

UPDATED 11.02.2017
* Matching improvements

UPDATED 09.02.2017
* Matching improvements

UPDATED 27.01.2017
* Browser icon is pretty again

UPDATED 13.01.2017
* Fine-tuning matching

UPDATED 10.01.2017
* Experimental TV series matching

UPDATED 08.01.2017
* Improved matching

UPDATED 05.01.2017
* Happy new year! New year, new name for extension! :)
* Fixed new design's rotten score icon

UPDATED 30.12.2016
* Added score for new design layout

UPDATED 29.12.2016
* Removed API key requirement

UPDATED 19.09.2013
* Added public API key

UPDATED 12.06.2013
* Improved movie matching

UPDATED 07.05.2013
* Now supporting new layout


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avatar Brandon LoBue

Doesn't work anymore :-(

avatar Rajesh N

No more works. rottentomatoes ratings are not shown anymore

avatar n ascentt

Loved this extension but it only works for the default design, and not the new reference design eg

also it just shows the dumped popcorn icon even if the movie is fresh.

avatar Thomas Birkhofer

Needs to be updated since IMDb just updated their layout again!

avatar Elan Arbitsman

Works, mostly. It won't save my setting (Critics/Randos/Average), so I'm stuck with just critics. Prefer to see both critics and audience always. I'd like to see more options etc, but for now, this is the best I've found. Recommended. Hope they fix so I can actually save settings or just see both critics/audience!