Scraper.AI - An AI powered web scraper Scraper.AI - An AI powered web scraper

Version: 1.2.1
Last Update: 2021-01-20


Scraper.AI - An AI powered web scraper is a Chrome extension developed by Roadwork. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Scraper.AI - An AI powered web scraper is 1.2.1, updated on 2021-01-20.
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developer website:

Scraping data from the web is hard. We can automate extracting data from websites for you!

Scraper.AI is a data scraper that allows you to scrape any content from any website. It's a complementary extension to the Scraper.AI SaaS offering where we automate website data extraction for you.

🏷️ Use cases:

- Dataset Creation
Create your own dataset in just minutes and enjoy an automatically updating dataset by selecting the data you want.

- New Published Articles
Stay up-to-date with the latest news, get the latest articles delivered to your application instantly through webhooks.

- Stocks and Crypto Monitoring
Stocks and crypto are changing a fast rhytm, monitor the changes that matter for you and act on them!

- Changelog Automation
Automatically collect the latest changes, so that we do the repetitive work of collecting them manually for you!

- Sales Lead Generation
Generating sales leads can be cumbersome and repetitive, now it can be done in a more automated way!

- Price Monitoring
Stay on top of the competition and monitor your competitors prices. Don't let your customers go to a cheaper alternative

- view more at

😃 Features:

- Select element, Scraper.AI will take care of selecting all similar elements in one go
- Element Highlighting
- Tag your elements for an easy overview
- Get notified when an update to your data is available
- Scrape multiple pages
- Export to CSV, Excel or JSON
- Automatic pagination detection

💪 Getting started:

Getting started is easy, register for an account at
Afterwards log in to this extension and start selecting the elements you want to extract. Scraper.AI will take care of the rest and update you whenever updated information is available.

⚡ Updates:

Oct, 2020

- Refine selector algorithms
- Add support for recipes, from now on recipes will be recommended for sites that support it, speeding up selections and ensuring reliability for those sites.

For more changelog information, please visit

❓ Help:

We have a variety of articles and video's to help you get started in no time



1. Click on the icon given in the upper right-hand side of your Chrome browser.
2. Go to the “settings”.
3. Click on “extensions”.
4. Find the extension that you want to uninstall.
5. Click on the trash can icon to the right of “enable”, when you find the extension you want to remove.
6. The extension is removed.


We listen to you! Let us know what you want next in the feedback!

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avatar Pat MySecret

1/26/22 updating.. originally I thought "scrapers" referred to text scraper, ocr image to text, but now I understand that scrapers are generally about data scraping. It looks like a nice website scraper, but I'm still not keen on having to sign up.
I tried using a temporary email name, and then the website stopped loading for me.
I hope to try it again, but i will look elsewhere for now.

avatar Gracey Onato

Web scrape in progress forever

avatar Adriaan Theys

Using for my dropshopping activities.

avatar Xavier Geerinck

I'd definitely recommend everyone to try this out! The team is always there to help you in case of issues!

avatar Salt Lake City Drafting

Doesn't work, can't signup, website down.