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Last Update: 2015-01-03


Steam Snipe is a Chrome extension developed by samedhi. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Steam Snipe is 1.4, updated on 2015-01-03.
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Easily Search for cheaper prices on GOG, Amazon, Gamestop, Green Man Gaming, and GamersGate. Save Money. Save time.

I always forget (especially when Steam Sales occur) to comparison shop. Steam Snipe makes comparison shopping easier.

Adds a tiny bit of functionality to the "Add to Cart" button. If you hover over this button, three buttons will pop up for Amazon, GOG, and Gamestop. Clicking on one or more of these buttons opens a search result for the current game bundle. You still have to actually look at the result, but it certainly makes comparing prices (and features) easier.

Q: Why wouldn't I buy from Steam?

Short answer, because it may be cheaper somewhere else.

Long answer, it depends.

GOG is probably the most consumer friendly version of all large game distribution platforms. They let you download the game to your own computer WITHOUT DRM. This means that you really own it, contrasted with Steam's you-sort-of-own-but-are-actually-kind-of-licensing-but-not-quite ownership :).

Gamestop lets you actually own a physical copy of the thing, maybe that is important to you? Maybe you have lousy internet and it is faster to actually go to a Gamestop and buy the game?

Amazon has used copies of every games. It is a slight risk, but you can actually get games a lot cheaper if you are willing to look at used games.

People asked me to support Green Man Gaming, so I did. I was unfamiliar with it, but it does seem to have some games such as "Mass Effect 3" that Steam does not have. Also, it accepts Bitcoin, so that may be useful to you.

GamersGate appears to have the lowest historical price for most games, but sales are very short lived. Never hurts to check.

Finally, you just don't know unless you check. Maybe one of the 4 platforms (Steam, GOG, Gamestop, and Amazon) is running a crazy discount. Maybe one has a four pack deal where you only pay the price of three. Maybe one is selling the delux edition that was unavailable on any of the others. You just don't know unless you remember to look.

Q: What is in it for you?

If you buy the game through my link, I get a tiny percent of the value of the game (affiliate link). This in no way effects you or cost you anything, I just want you to know it is there.

Q: How safe is this?

Extremely safe, but don't take my word for it! Notice foremost that this extension only has access to urls. This means that this extension is only running when you are at urls of that form. I don't have any ability to see any of the naughty things that other extensions see (for instance, other sites you visit, cookies you have set, etc). Even if I could, I have no ability to send that information anywhere else. It bothers me deeply how intrusive and permissive most extensions seem to be, and I attempt to really minimize the needed permissions.

Q: How much does this extension use in resources?

Almost nothing, it is only running when you are at urls. Even then, it is a very small and light extension. I can't imagine it could slow anything down.


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