Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab)

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Version: 1.0
Last Update: 2020-03-27


Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) is a Chrome extension developed by Senthilprabu Ponnusamy. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) is 1.0, updated on 2020-03-27.
3,000+ users have installed this extension. 4 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 5.00.
developer website:

Switch to Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) with a single click or a Hot Key (Alt+3)!

- No need to enter your credentials.
- Single click to access your Telegram chats, groups and channels.
- Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS X).

- Telegram is a cloud-based messenger with seamless sync.
- Share an unlimited number of photos, videos and files (doc, zip, mp3, etc.) of up to 1,5 GB each.
- Multi-data center infrastructure and encryption, Telegram is faster and way more secure.
- On top of that, Telegram is free and will stay free.
- Many on-line pots, groups and channels are available for free to join.

- Pinned Tabs are small.
- Pinned Tabs don’t have a close button. so you can’t accidentally close them.
- You can still close them by right-clicking on them and selecting Close Tab.
- Pinned Tabs notify you with a blue highlight (glow) when they change.
- Links to other websites open in a new tab so that your Pinned Tab doesn’t change.
- All of the existing Pinned Tabs (when you close browser) will open as Pinned Tabs when you start browser again.
- Additional information about Pinned Tabs



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Social & Communication

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avatar cocagaytan

soy nuevo usando telegram pero me a gustado y se lo mostrare a mis amigos pues creo nos da mas libertad para comunicarnos ojala sigan dando este buen servicio