Glider Screen Glider Screen

Version: 2.0
Last Update: 2019-11-24

User Reviews

avatar Sudhir Shenoy

Too intrusive and distracting. Too many popups and warnings not relevant to the test

avatar Subhadip Banerjee

One of most stupidest coding platform for coding test. I can not move or see or relax for thinking. These morons expects the coders should code like a statue. And to the companies who are using it, this poor software reflects their culture as well and that is micromanaging the employees. Also you are violating my privacy by recording video, audio, screen recording.

avatar Ilya Makedon

Screw this. I declined to take the test that is this invasive. It's completely inappropriate. I hope the glider lands in the closest swamp and stays there.

avatar Innis Mirage of Deceit

Deeply intrusive, demanding full access to your machine, and then drawing unwarranted inferences based on the information. I leaned in to peer at the terminal at the bottom of the screen to try to read the output, and while I was doing that, it reported me as attempting to cheat by looking away from the screen for an extended period of time. I spent the rest of the test glancing at the terminal and looking up to stare into the camera in order to dodge this arbitrary requirement. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

avatar vivek rawat

Worst tool


Worst software to give exams. It automatically closes the exam and lags a lot while the timer in the background doesn't stop when it's the problem from glider end. When you again login to start the exam and some how manage to start the exam again it will not start from where you left the timer, it will start from the new time, where you will be. The timer in the background never stops when it starts, no matter the glider extension stops responding or it lags. I request every company never take your placements exam with glider.

avatar Shishir Bagalkot

Worst experience ever, had to use this to attend a company qualification test, created a lot of issues, could not attend many questions, if i fail this test then this is because of this extension.

avatar Harsha 1424

Awfull! Even if you are watching screen and taking test it displays suspicious activity totally hated it.

avatar Glenville Pecor

Besides being dumb and intrusive, even if I am sharing a window it brings my CPU to 50% and my memory to 35%... both numbers jumped 35%

avatar Mariana Castagne

This is very intrusive and unnecessary. Worst experience with my privacy

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