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Version: 2.1
Last Update: 2022-12-11

User Reviews

avatar Yoni Sade

Doesn't work anymore . Scores are all 0.0

avatar Andrew Tsaryk

can you add option to select color

avatar Apekiller

finally found an extension that actually works for exactly this

avatar Behzad Naseri

I was desperately testing all of the "IMDB rating viewers" here and add/remove about 20 extensions until finally found this one which is working. thank you. I have to say, I wish developers have been more responsible and update or remove their outdated products from the market so people like me doesn't have to search for hours to find something useful. It's getting harder and harder every day to find something good between all of these outdated or fake garbage. Thank you

avatar Javier Eduardo

the only that works on 2018-09

avatar Marcelo Sena

No longer works

avatar Jurij Fedorov

I really wanted this to work. But nothing shows up. Nothing is changed in 2018 and my IMDb page looks exactly the same. Maybe this version is outdated or something?

avatar Pietro Pizzi

It doesn't work correct: Read my support ticket.

avatar Derek Shaffer

Cool, thank you for this!

avatar ansh

working fine, also it'd great if no. of votes would come as tooltip on mouse hover over rating

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