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Last Update: 2018-08-30


Smart zoom is a Chrome extension developed by Sae Yuki. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Smart zoom is, updated on 2018-08-30.
875 users have installed this extension. 12 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Right-click a column of text so zoom, or tap Shift and click, then press +/-/0 to adjust the font size. Esc unzooms.

Right-click a column of text and pick "Zoom" to make it take up the whole width of the screen. Esc unzooms.

Or you can tap Shift then click a column of text to zoom in on it, and/or press +/-/0 to adjust the font size. If you tap Shift accidentally, cancel zooming by tapping it again (or pressing any other key).

This extension works best for text-heavy sites: news, blogs, and so forth. It won't zoom all content correctly, and it's disabled for some sites like GMail and Hotmail where it doesn't work. Like all extensions, it's disabled on this site, too. And it's experimental: it could cause you problems.

If the keyboard shortcuts interfere with a webpage, you can disable them on a page by pressing ` (the backquote key, underneath Escape on some keyboards).

If you like this extension, take a look at the Readability Redux extension (by different folks), which lets you strip many news/blog sites down to plain text.

Note: This extension was originally published by another author. I loved this extension but it was not maintained any more and it was not worked on recent version of chrome. So I decided to fix it for latest chrome. I really appreciate original authors' efforts.



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avatar Chen Benjamin

eye saver!

avatar Chris Coleman

Hi Sae Yuki. Thank you for developing this. The feature I miss most on my mac is 2-finger tap to zoom to content width. I just started developing this extension, but you had already done it. Thank you!

avatar Ramy Amin Vlogs

Great, but we need option to disable in some sites
because some shortcuts work in both,
and we need free select area to focus on video.

avatar Chen Chang

No longer working I think

avatar Julian Ding

Love it! The original extension used to be great but somehow disappeared from webstore. This one is just equally amazing and I would appreciate it if a firefox version was available.