Text Zoom to increase font sizes Text Zoom to increase font sizes

Version: 7.8.3
Last Update: 2023-04-20

User Reviews

avatar DQ Z

Cool interface, effective zoom.

avatar r w

Great, but need to customize "site access" for "on specific sites" only which can't be modified now.

avatar Charlie Kreitzberg

This extension does a great job in most cases. There are some good suggestions in the reviews, I hope the developers are reading them. Specifically, it would be great to have a smaller slider. A feature that would be really helpful would be the ability to change the font color to black (for those sites that think it's cool to use grey) and adjust the background color so that the contrast in improved.

avatar ChibiCooky

Finally, an extension that can actually make fonts very big.

My only problem is that I want there to be an option to change the settings for *all* websites. I don't know if it has a setting for that.
And when I scroll the page, go to another website or refresh the page, it doesn't make fonts bigger until about 1-2 seconds. This can be annoying also because I may be about to click somewhere and 1 second later everything changes and it may make me click somewhere else and stuff. Can this be fixed?
Also, I think that you press Alt Shift + instead of Alt + but I don't think I mind about this.

Overall, it's very good.

avatar Xubile Xubile

The keys interfere with my work flow causing text to increase when it's not wanted. We need the ability to select new or disable existing key board acceleration combinations.

avatar Puyu

Pretty good tho i hate the whole sliding thingy that's pointlessly big and can't be hidden.

avatar GDK

This is the best text zoom extension on here.

avatar Tony

Widget doesn't display and shortcuts don't work either.

avatar AbuBakar Siddique

"alt +" doesn't work... though other shortcuts work finely.

avatar J. Salmonson

Useless for me as it doesn't increase the text size in text editors! I need it to work here:


So I can see better when writing. Until then it's useless. (It's a very nice zoom but isn't doing what's needed. *crys*)

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