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avatar Noel Sanderson

It causes white flash when loading/refreshing. Shouldn't make my eyes bleed.

avatar Mr. Kattan

Excellent Very helpful

avatar Felix Salim

Neglecting and slowing down the YouTube in all chromium browsers. Wish dev. will fix this bug. Good luck...

avatar blue

Font zoom makes the line spacing narrow, so the letter is hard to read. So I had to install "Text Zoom" extension that doesn't change the line spacing. Please upgrade this function like "Text Zoom". I don't want to install other extension to zoom the font.

cf. Text Zoom (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/text-zoom-to-increase-fon/kcebcpmpalcalchafgbhehjblldcakjb)

avatar Darhar M.

Works just fine although it would be nice to have a choice of buttons for dark themes as well as a diff. image to show if the extension is working on a page or not rather than a white box.

This is just a suggestion and the current button image does not detract from the usefulness of this extension.

avatar 黄学华

need this extension on microsoft edge, thank you!!!!!

avatar Noor' A'

Parfaite extension qui complète en faite la fonction Zoom de Google si besoin et pour certains sites récalcitrants... ! Merci !

avatar ce ce


great extension HOWEVER Google Docs places cursor 1 or 2 characters away from entry point of editing/typing

This extension desperately needs a way to quickly enable & disable the extension globally & per site from the browser toolbar without going to extension settings

Global ON (enablED) status should be represented by a green colored icon on web browser extension toolbar with green colored words ON & Global OFF (disablED) should be represented by a red colored icon on web browser extension toolbar with red colored words OFF

Per site ON (enablED) status should be represented by a yellow colored icon on web browser extension toolbar with yellow colored words ON

Per site OFF (disablED) status should be represented by an orange colored icon on web browser extension toolbar with orange colored words OFF

It also needs a quick way to Globally Blacklist (block/exclude) AND Whitelist (allow/include) specific websites (domains AND subdomains), webpages (specific URLs) from the web browser toolbar icon which should have a list in the extension settings that you can copy/paste, backup (export) & restore (import) with the ability to either (user selectable) overwrite current settings with imported data or merge/mend with existing data

in addition to those changes it needs a way to bypass the global setting on not having zoom apply to images for certain sites (a separate whitelist/blacklist) would be ideal as well as a keyboard & right click mouse command on an image

avatar David C Margotta

This is by far the best zoom extension out there. Period! Its options let you customize the zoom for the various needs of any particular website. Thank you!

avatar Kevin Cui

can you remove the zoom notification in the url bar? it always disturb my reading.

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